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I have been writing stories since I was eleven years old; a young girl with a VERY vibrant imagination. No, really! Today I read back on my old stories and cringe thinking "Did I really write that? Did I really think of that writing idea?" It was a journey! But one thing was for sure, my stories were my life and I loved them because each was an extension of myself. Now I write move novel like books and am looking to publish. 

My chosen genre: Multicultural Erotic Romance

That's a mouthful, but it's all I ever write. My ladies are usually African American or mixed with African American and the men are a variety. I have written with Spanish men, Caucasian men and right now even Japanese men. I feel like love shouldn't be separated by races and I"m not being biased because of my own marriage. I love the beauty of wanting to broaden horizons and by wanting to learn about somebody else's culture as well. My current WIP count is six novels but I only see two getting published right now. I would love nothing more than to share information about my written worlds and cherished characters with you.

Below is each book with their written pieces, Pinterests and Tumblr story blogs. Tumblrs are password guarded so if you would like to see them, please let me know in a comment or in a email and I'll be happy to send it.


Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Aija Edwards is a mixed bag of street smarts and sophistication. She just wanted to have a good job to keep her going in her first apartment. What she didn't know that she was going to be falling in love with the son of the doctor that employed her. If only he saw her the way she saw him...

The Medicinal Love Series
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 Ever since HonorĂ©e Campbell was rescued from her house burning down by a heroic firefighter, she's had to struggle to start her life over in the best way she could: exotic dancing. She thought she had things thought out, but what she didn't think was that she would be caught in between a romance with the man who saved her and a deep dark secret from her place of occupation.

The Exotic Fire Series

The Fugitive Saga
The year is 2078, and America is divided by two lands: the diseased decaying Old America and the floating Soramerica. Both of which are ruled by a monstrous emperor. The only one able to save both Americas is a gambling cage fighting woman named Seren.

The Soramerica Sagas

Hearts on Fire
A country/western love story that seemed be made out of destiny...

Hawaiian Sunrise
A hot spicy love story in Hawaii that transcends betrayal and distrust.

Blue Tokyo Love
Blue n unbreakable love story that takes place in Tokyo, Japan

A group of modern day cupids compete for a chance at immortality in the Olympion Competition. A competition to see who displays the most loyalty to their god or goddess by performing different tasks and missions. Whoever wins the competition will get the chance to meet their god or goddess and then Zeus and Hera themselves who will give the highest leveled individual the chance to drink Ambrosia and be immortal or the chance to be relieved of the competition other words, become a mortal.

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