Ortiz Kingdom

The Ortiz family is an biracial family. Juan is from Mexico who grew up with a huge family and is now an American Citizen and I'm an African American who grew up with a split family. My father's side is big and military based and my mother's side is a family that is a majority of women.

Is it hard being with someone a different race than I am? At times. 

It's different being around somebody who has a whole different culture and beliefs than I do. Because of that, we certainly do clash a lot. We are also two different religions. He's Catholic and I'm Baptist. We plan to let our children choose what religion they wish to participate in because in the end, it's their own spiritual journey with the Lord and not our choice. It is just our job as parents to guide them in the right direction. We will be happy with whatever they pick.

I say children because Sofia will not be the only one. We plan on having another one when she turns 3 or 4.

We have been living in our Fort Worth home for three years now and have no pets.We probably won't have one because of different views on dog ownership. So for now...we cherish our Dodge Ram truck that we affectionately call "Paloma."

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