101/1001 || 2017

Jan 06, 2014 - Oct 03, 2016

1. Write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days :P  Completed: 1/9/2014

2. Get drivers license  Completed 3/24/2016
3. Get out of debt
4. Find internal peace of my Nanny's passing- Completed January 2014
5. Take a photography class - Start Photography 101 class on March 30, 2014
6. Overcome my anxiety

Goals for Me and Juan
7. Give Juan a great 30th Birthday Party- Completed 1/31/2015
8. Make a weekly date night  Saturday nights
9. Work on Juan's English writing and speech
10. Have a grand vow renewal (the wedding we never got to have)
11. Make Baby Ortiz #2

Goals for Me and Sofia
12. Get Sofia into day care
13. Take Sofia to a spa for a mani/pedi with Mommy
14. Take Sofia to the park so she can swing- Completed 2/26/2014
15. Take Sofia on a mini train ride- Completed 5/21/2014
16. Interview Sofia every birthday and season

Things to Buy
17. Buy all Avatar the Last Airbender Seasons  Completed 2/26/2014
18. Sims 3 World Aventures and University Life Completed 3/24/2016
19. Nice pajamas  Completed 3/15/2014
20. Tennis shoes  Completed 3/24/2014
21. New Camera  (Nikon D3200)  Completed 2/21/2015

Books to Read
22. La Sposa by Sienna Mynx  Completed
23. La Famiglia by Sienna Mynx Completed
24. Amore by Sienna Mynx  Completed
25. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins- Completed
26. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins- Completed

Food Goals

27. Make at least 10 recipes I pinned on Pinterest  (8/10 done)
28. Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant
29. Make a homemade dessert  Completed 11/27/2014
30. Mix drinks for a party
31. Take a cooking class

Fitness Goals
32. Go for a walk every day for a month
33. Work on diastasis muscles  Started November 2014
34. Join a gym or get a personal trainer  Joined 24 Fitness on 3/24/2014
35. Join a Zumba class
36. Work on arms and thighs In Progress

Life Goals
37. Finish painting bedroom
38. Fix iphone screen
39. Get a NEW car  Completed 6/19/2015
40. Finish my scrapbooks
41. Join a new church   Joined Christ Church in November 2014

Travel Goals
42. Go back to either Disney World or Jamaica
43. Visit Sasha in San Antonio  Completed 3/16/2014
44. Visit Irene in Norway
45. Go to Japan
46. Visit Delrica in DC

Family Goals
47. Buy flowers for Mom, Kim, Audia and Grandmother
48. Take Kearrah to get braids done with me
49. Get late Christmas presents for Mom, Kim, Audia and Grandmother
50. Call Dad every Friday
51. Have Sunday dinner and game night every other week.

Movies to See
52. Jurassic World  Completed
53. How to Train Your Dragon 2  Completed 
54. Star Wars Episode 7
55. Mockingjay  Completed
56. Finding Dory

Restaurants to Dine At
57. Cheesecake Factory
58. Piranha Killer Sushi
59. Cupcakery  Completed: 3/1/2014
60. Anything at the food truck park!
61. Simply Fondue

Writing Goals
62. Finish the first draft of Take Two and Call Me in the Morning in progress
63. Work on Character Developments (mostly primary characters) in progress
64. Write a love letter to my husband  Completed: 1/8/2014
65. Publish an E-Book
66. Finish TV Trope List for Novels

Spring Goals
67. Spring clean: donate, throw out or have a garage sale
68. Do a Easter egg  hunt in the backyard for Sofia  Completed: 4/20/2014
69. Let Sofia play outside in the rain. Completed 4/3/2014
70. Spring family portrait  Completed 4/10/2016
71. Go on a picnic in the park

Summer Goals
72. Go to Coyote Drive In
73. Summer family portrait  Completed 6/20/2015
74. Throw a dinner party
75. Take Sofia swimming
76. Celebrate my 30th birthday in style! Completed 07/25/2015

Autumn Goals
77. Have a Halloween Party
78. Autumn family portrait  Completed 11/26/2015
79. Go to Lubbock for Thanksgiving
80. Go to Texas State Fair in September
81. Volunteer at a shelter

Winter Goals
82. Have Super Bowl Party
83. Have 25th Annual Talent Show   Completed 12/20/2014
84. Winter family portrait
85. Have a winter get together with the neighbors
86. Buy Juan two Christmas presents  Completed  12/25/2015

Life Challenges
87. Don't swear for a week
88. Spend a whole weekend without using the computer  Completed 07/25/2015-07/26/2015
89. Become fluent in Spanish
90. No sweets for a month
91. Do deep cleaning chores every Saturday for a month

Health Goals
92. Get glasses Completed April 2015
93. Get a mammogram
94. Get a full body massage
95. Get a well woman's exam Completed March 2015

Random Goals
96. Answer each question from my 5000 question survey
97. Put away 5 dollars for every completed goal to be spent: so far-$160
98. Pay for a random person's meal
99. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
100. Read each blog fully in my reading list before putting a new one in the list.

Ultimate Goal
101. Learn to love myself. In progress...

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