Monday, June 19, 2017

Something Snapped || Getting Off My Butt With Photography

Ever have that feeling when scrolling around that world wide web we have that you just aren't up to par with other people? That people have better lives than you do, that every thing is just so crisp, so vibrant, so full of life that you will just die from all the cuteness?

Well that's how I feel...towards photography.

I see so many excellent photographers out there doing there thing; having great websites full of a gallery of beautiful photos. I see them with three to four cameras or their own studios. They have personality and flair. I think they are awesome.

When I think about my photography business, I don't think that way at all. I think about how far behind I am from what I wanted for it. I started Something Snapped in 2014 with an upbeat feeling about it; like I was going to make this work and things would be awesome after a little while. While I did have some photo sessions, they were mostly for portfolio matters and free.

Now that it is 2017, I feel less than upbeat about my business. I really feel like it's a waste what I'm doing. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to feel like this and I really do want to keep at, but there is so much to do and so much to learn that my head is going in circles. I told my mother today that I haven't doing enough for my business. That I have been just waiting for stuff to happen, for sessions to be booked. Basically I've been lazy; sitting on my ass.

I've got to change that! Pronto.

Photography is something that I have always loved since I was a child and now I think about my camera and I groan. I need to find that spark back for it. Maybe when I do, I'll finally get that push to really keep going in my business.

So where to start? Make sessions? Take classes to learn more? Advertise? Make my custom logo? Get a more personal website?

See what I mean? So much to consider...especially with my family that has tight enough funds as it is. It's depressing to see things that I know will push my business forward, only to see that it costs hundreds of dollars.

All I can do is to keep my head up and keep practicing with my camera. I know I can take some really good ones and I still get compliments on them. Look at some of the ones I've done recently.

These photos and many others keep me going.
Have any of you ever felt like your dream is fading further and further away? How did you cope if things got better for you?

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