Thursday, April 27, 2017

La Princesa || Sofia is Five!

It has daughter has crossed over from the little four to the big five and El Rey and I couldn't be happier and sadder at the same time. Our baby girl is growing up right before our very eyes. Five is half of ten and I really don't want to think about that next important birthday in five more years. Part of me wants to let her grow even more and the other part of me wants to hug her so very close to me saying "No, baby girl! Don't grow up!" But we all know that the former is going to happen no matter how sniffly I get about it.

I originally didn't have a plan for the official day of her birth since it was a school day and Juan would be working. Her birthday party is on Saturday so I was just like maybe I'll just let her do her favorite games and television shows longer than usual. I know, right? Fun. Well, El Rey had other ideas planned for our princesa's very important fifth birthday and as such, he took the day off.

We picked up Sofia from school and got her changed and then we took a 30-40 minute drive to Grapevine to take her to Legoland Discovery Center and to the Sea Life Aquarium across from it. Right away she had a blast and to be honest, so did we! Starting off at Legoland, we rode some of the rides with her and even had fun watching a few 4D movies with her!

Gosh, look how tall she's getting...

There was Star Wars exhibit with figurines that moved whenever a button was pushed. So naturally, Sofia pushed every single one. She's curious like her mommy. Looks like Juan was pretty into them too!

In between riding rides, the kidlet put her Lego building to good use. It was cool seeing how her little brain was working to make things. She ended up making a lego tree that wasn't too bad looking at all.

In a wild twist, Sofia got to ride in a Lego police car around a little track. Makes me feel some kind of things about her getting a license in the way future!

The downside to coming to Legoland was that there were about four different schools on a field trip so it was a bit crowded at first. We decided to take a break from there and headed over to the Aquarium next. Let me tell you...if I could update my worst smells list, an aquarium would be right in there! I'm just saying...

But it was worth it to get a view of so many different fish. I haven't been to an aquarium in so long and it was Sofia's first time at one! I was so much more excited about this than Legoland, especially since there was a tunnel that you could just stand and see fish on every side of you. Amazing, really and if I could I would just sit there forever. Here are some of the fish that I was able to take photos of.

After a quick lunch it was back to Legoland! The kids were gone from the field trips so we had the place basically to ourselves. Sofia redid each ride and I was able to get some photos of Fort Worth and Dallas in Legos.

You heard Legos.

Then sadly it was time for the birthday girl and us to leave. I know she didn't want to go. If she didn't have a school night or it wasn't almost closing time, we would have stayed longer. But regardless, I know she had a great time full of smiles and laughter and creativity. Kudos to El Rey for the idea because...this smile was so worth it. Happy birthday, Sofia Anneliese. 

Five birthdays down and so many others to go!

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