Monday, April 10, 2017

La Princesa || Big Leap Into Five!

This year has gone by so seriously I say this to myself every year: how the heck is it almost April 26th? My little princess will be five soon and I am just floored at how much she's grown. She is till the same girl who needs to come and cuddle me all the time, but now she's her own little person. El Rey and I just shake our heads at how quickly she is growing up and we now accept (well, I do anyway) that she's just going to keep growing now matter how we wish she wouldn't. So since her birthday is coming up it's time to commemorate her fourth year and see just how much she's grown since three!

Physical: Long gone are the tubby legs and arms that Sofia used to have when she was one and two. I call her my little birdie since all she is now is legs. Long skinny legs from running everywhere and yes I mean running everywhere. She loves to play chase and tag and if she had it her way, she'd do that all day long. Her speed is in two words: "Super Fast" as she likes to say. That's the only way I can get her to be right beside me when we're walking or otherwise, she drags her feet.

Her hair is still long and still full of volume. I'm thinking that this fifth year might be the year we have a bit of a hair trim. Not a lot but I'm not feeling having her hair past her butt. It's hard enough getting it done as it is.

Sofia eats good....when she wants to and when it's something she wants to eat. She still dislikes a majority of veggies like her papi but will eat them if she has no choice. She's that kind of child that eats only half of her plate but then wants to eat off of yours. She's then but you can see of that baby chunkiness still there in places especially her belly.

She sleeps pretty good at night with minimal accidents and is still the reigning nap champion of our household. She will sleep a pretty good hour or two still to this day. I'm planning on moving her bedtime up to 8:30 this summer and possibly up to 8 for this new school year. I'm not sure if that means naptimes will be coming to an end but hey...if it means my girl is getting more rest, I'm for it!

Mental and Personality: I can sum Sofia up in one word- Independence. She has so much of it now. She can put on her clothes by herself, she can now use the toilet without a potty seat, she can turn on light switches and she normally wants to try to do things herself before she asks me or Juan. I love it. I love seeing her determination to do things. She's still quite the daredevil but now she has told me and Juan multiple times that she likes to go fast or that she likes motorcycles. UH OH. We'll see how that holds up in the future, huh?

She is starting to learn more about Jesus. I want her to be able to choose out of our religions for herself but so far she's going in the direction of mine. It could change in the future and I'm alright with that because that's her personal spiritual journey. But I got to tell you. It makes my heart soar when I hear her say "Can we pray to God, Mommy?"  I really didn't think she'd want to do that.

On her birthday review last year, I mentioned that Sofia had an issue with speech and gibberish. That was then and this is now. I rarely if ever hear any kind of gibberish from that girl. She speaks so much now that sometimes I feel like putting a Chewy bar in her mouth! But trust, I rather have that than the alternative of her not speaking right at all. Sometimes she just cracks me up! The things that she says to me out of nowhere. She is just such an amazing individual just from doing that alone.

 Here are some of her sayings:

"Mommy, where is that plane going?"
"I don't know, baby."
"It must be going to the plane station."

While walking to Wal-Mart, when she saw a man wearing a Superman shirt. "I love your shirt."

While I was trying to park one day she looked at my mom and told her this:

"Love, we have to pray."
"Um...excuse me! Why do we have to pray? Because I'm parking?"
"Yes. We need to pray."

"We need to go to the office."

"You mean the hospital?"
"Yes, the hoptital."

"Potatoes love bunnies."

She still calls her little cousin, Daniel "baby" for some reason and when she can't pronounce a name she does the best she can. Case in point my Auntie Brenda and my Uncle Hot Rod.  She calls them Auntie Greda and Unca Roca.

She's also a singer now! I love that so much you don't even know. My mom and I used to sing songs all the time in the car together when I was Sofia's age and I was waiting patiently to see if she would follow suit and she didn't let me down. Right now her fave songs to catch and sing along to are This Is What You Came For with Rihanna and 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. She will also sing to Wanna Be Happy by Kirk Franklin, I Won't Go Home Without You, by Maroon 5 and many others. She sings a mean Jingle Bells too during Christmas time.

School: Sofia took to school like a fish in the water. She thrived so much in there and we have just been so proud of her. She has learned all of her letters and her numbers. She knows how to sound out the letters and the vowel sounds and get this...ever since she's been here at school she has always brought home a smiley face in her folder. Great conduct! She's got friends that she loves and it just makes me smile to her about them. The best news so far there is that her teacher has informed me that she is already at Kindergarten level so we have been starting sight words with her. She's doing a great job so far and knows about I'd say ten to fifteen sight words.

Next year she won't be going to the same school because she was accepted to the Texas School of the Arts for her Kindergarten year on. I'm so excited for her because now she can put those skills of hers to good use. Be it dancing or singing or art or theater...I know she'd love any one of those. I applied for her to be in there because it's a charter school and I want her to get that one on one time with her teacher if she needs the help. She was put in a lottery and surprisingly got picked. She'll be joining two of her church buddies in the same class too. Can't wait!

Color- Pink   Games- Angry Birds Pop (cell phone) Spyro (video)   Stories- My Big Dog  TV show- Angry Birds & Steven Universe  Food- Pancakes  Drink- Juice  Object- Paw Patrol blocks & her cat Arieh    Classmate- Rhegan   Superhero- Superman  Animal- Lion  Place- Chuck E Cheese's

There are so many other things I wish I could tell you about this wonderful little girl of mine but I would rather show you in photos instead!  I just have a feeling if four was this good then the fifth year of my Sofia Anneliese is going to be fantastic!

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