Monday, February 13, 2017

La Reina || Today I...

I wore: It was a low back kind of day so I had two unimpressive outfits today; first was a gray tee-shirt and blue jeans to drop off/pick up Juan and the kidlet. The second was a gray dress with salmon colored stripes.

I did: Washed some clothes, cooked and chilled while playing video games and watching Nashville.

I cooked: Crock pot chicken thighs with cream of celery, pasta-roni and salad. Side of sauteed spinach for me too.

I listened to: The radio in the truck. It was more of a TV/video game day like I said up above.

Best Part of the Day: Was savoring that yummy dinner I made for my family while watching Steven Universe together. It was scrumptious and the cartoon made dinner cozy.

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