Saturday, February 25, 2017

La Princesa || Sofia's First Hospital Stay

This winter has not been kind to my little munchkin this year. Ever since before Christmas she has been back and forth being sick with coughs and sneezes and to say that this mama is stressed by it is a major understatement. I have been doing everything under the sun to make sure that my daughter is healthy from all this; cough medicines, allergy medicine, expensive hospital visits (because our insurance sucks) and ER visits. But this crud of hers just isn't going away.

Last Monday and Tuesday, I had noticed that Sofia was coughing again and so at night time on Tuesday I gave her some cough medicine and went to bed. The next day was going to be another photo day at Sofia's school so I figured she'd be all right and didn't think much about it. I woke up to an empty bed because Juan had gotten in the bed with Sofia because of her coughing. I was at a loss...should I send my kid to school for the three hours or should I keep her here? Those were the two major questions in my mind.

Sofia's fast rapid breathing answered that for me and I called the school to let them know that I was taking her to urgent care. After getting dressed and in the truck we dropped off Juan at work and then I went to the county hospital that I used to work at hoping that we would be able to be seen quickly and headed home for rest.

However... right away the triage nurse noticed something really wrong. Normal oxygen levels are supposed to be at 99/100. Sofia's was at a 92. So now I'm getting worried. This was worse than I thought possible. What made this situation worse was that the doctor that saw her was a complete doofus. I decided to take her to the er at the children's hospital next. I tried to avoid that at first because of money issues and insurance like I said before.

Again they quickly got her settled in a room and got an oxygen mask on her. All day long we stayed in that room, seeing if some breathing treatments or steroids would get her feeling better. But her oxygen levels just wouldn't raise and without the mask, they crept down to 88. The doctor and the nurse had no choice but to keep her overnight.  Not what I wanted to hear, but at the same time I was happy that she was in good hands.

My mom came down to stay with Sofia while I went to pick up Juan who at this time, knew about the situation. He wasn't happy about it but who was really? We picked up a few things from the supermarket and then headed back to our little lady who had been transported to her room. We got our information from the nurses and there we were just staying in this room which I found out was isolation.

The first night was okay. Juan and I were exhausted so he slept in the recliner and I slept on the couch. Sofia slept okay for a while too but nurses came in every few hours or so to give her more breathing treatments and to pat her firm on the back to loosen up some of that gunk in her lungs. This kind of routine went on through the night and through the next day.

The nurses and doctors seemed to believe that Sofia had a respiratory virus and they wanted to take precaution around the other children. So it kind of sucked because we couldn't take Sofia around the hospital and after a while, she would get so stir crazy. We managed though with walks around the floor that Sofia was required to take and also some visits from family. My dad came as well as my in-laws much to Sofia's delight. The hospital also had a few visitors to see Sofia:

She loved them and so did we. We had really good food; we were allowed a free meal each and it was like room service which was good cause we were a little tight money wise. Everybody was so incredibly nice to us as we stayed for another day and a half. Finally, Sofia was allowed to walk around without oxygen. It was such a relief to see her getting better, I'm telling you. I remember when I was about a year old than she was and I was in the hospital myself with asthma. So it really hurt me to see my daughter in the same predicament.

When the day came that Sofia was supposed to go home, we were ecstatic but a little worried. We had to give her an inhaler as she got better and some Zyrtec to keep her allergies down. I got her a shirt from the gift store that she wore out of the hospital. We packed up and said our goodbyes to the incredibly nice nurses that helped us out and then as we were going down we were surprised to see dogs! Real live dogs in the foyer. Sofia went to go and pet a few and then got a free build-a-bear that she named Brownie. It was a great ending to her little hospital ordeal; all in all, we stayed for two days and a half but let me tell you...that was the longest visit of my life.

I'm so very grateful to God for taken care of her and on a happier note. During the visit, I found out that Sofia was accepted into the Texas School of the Arts! I had put an application for her months before so to know she was randomly selected by lottery just put sunlight on my day, ya'll! It just shows you that God can work in so many ways that you least expect. Keep a look out for those miracles...they might just be right in front of your face.

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