Tuesday, February 7, 2017

La Princesa || Roller Skating Princess

I have been so blessed with seeing La Princesa accomplishing so many "firsts" in her life. Her first word, her first tooth, her first time walking, her first time on a plane, going to school. So on and so forth, right? Knowing that makes me even happier because I know that there are more firsts to come in her future. I'm going to try to have the camera ready for every time too! Even it if it embarrasses her :P

Last Saturday, Sofia had her first roller skating experience. We as a family had been invited by a fellow friend of ours to his daughter's 10th birthday party. Once we got to the roller rink, we got Sofia ready by getting her skates on and then got her onto the floor. She had a time trying to find her balance, holding on to Juan and me, but then she got a little walker made out of plastic pipe and wheels and then she was off!

I tried my hand on trying to skate again. I figured it would be like riding a bike again after 15 + years of not skating.  It...wasn't. Oh, Lord it wasn't.  #won'tbedoingthatagain

Sorry for the blurs! But look at that cute walker though!

Sofia had a blast though! She kept wanting to go back out on the floor to show us her skating skill with the walker. Juan walked with her majority of the time, while I made sure we were fed with pizza , but I had a go around the rink with her too...sans roller skates this time around. I'm glad she had a good time and I hope we can take her again. Probably won't be to this one though; it was a bit run down. Maybe as time goes by, I can get used to skating again. Either that or I can fall and break some bones!

How old were you when you started skating? Do your kids do it now?  Do you still skate?

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