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The Royal Vault || 2016

Just like the year before and the previous year before that, the time has come to reflect upon what we have done for 2016 before putting it in the Ortiz royal vault for safe keeping. I have to say this year has been pretty busy so we really don't have as many photos as years before. #sorrynotsorry  Want to see what we've done?

Follow me down the memory lane of 2016!

2016 || January

~ We celebrated the new year with the familia with a low-key night of fun, games, and booze.

~ January seemed to be the month of sickness as all but one of us got ill somehow.

~ Sofia had her very first dentist appointment!

~ Juan got a new job at Kindred with a higher pay.

~ My diabetes blood sugar levels have lowered to an almost normal level.

2016 || February

~ We had a small Super Bowl party at my dad's house. Mila and Myajah joined us this year as well as Zena and Carys.

~ When the weather started to warm, Sofia, Juan and I spent the day together at Yogurtland and the park. What made it even better was the fact that my husband and daughter looked like twins.

~ Made an appointment to try my driver's test. It's past time to drive.

~ We celebrated Grandmother and Juan's birthdays at Pappadeux's

2016 || March

~ We went to my cousin Margo's 50th birthday party!

~Mom and I hung out with a bunch of our ladies from church for dinner.

~ Sofia had a speech evaluation. She passed the test but was still recommended for therapy to learn more words.

~ St. Patrick's Day 2016

~ I sported a new look for spring time. Short hair, don't care.

~ Mom and I took a trip for two to IKEA to get a new desk for my computer. It was worth the drive.

~ I got my driver's license by the grace of God. Literally...I failed the first test but quickly passed the second!

~ I fixed my car with tax return money. Later, I registered for a title for said car.

~ Easter 2016

~ The Ortiz family went for a fun dinner at El Fenix where we got more booze than we asked for!

2016 || April

~ I started interviewing Sofia for This Kid Behind The Blog. Her answers were hilarious.

~ We got rid of a majority of our stuff and Sofia's baby stuff in a church yard sale. Total funds made? $31.

~ Focused my camera on Sofia for her 4th birthday photos at the botanic gardens.

~ We got to see Anastasia and Alisha at a barbecue.

~ La Princesa turned four! We celebrated at our house with friends and family before a huge storm came through.

~ Mom and I did our Fort Worth METRO volunteering.

2016 || May

~ Mother's Day 2016

~  We attended the wedding of Juan's cousin, Cristina.

~ Sofia got to play on the brand new playground in our neighborhood.

2016 || June

~ Playtime in the sprinklers during a hot afternoon.

~ Mini golf at Putt Putt for Kearrah's 11th birthday!

~ Sofia and I went to Sundance Square to beat the heat with water fountains.

~ Wiggy fun between Sofia and I!

~ Sofia met a new friend at the mall named Raina.

2016 || July

~ Sofia's first time at a splash pad!

~ We celebrated Independence Day 2016 with some barbecue and fireworks!

~ I turned 31! I celebrated by going to church and just all in all had a low key birthday.

~ We had a splash day event at our church. El Rey surprised us by getting on the wet rides with Sofia!

~ Sofia's second time around at the dentist. He found a tiny cavity but we'll fight it!

2016 || August

~ After almost three years, Sofia was able to have a room to herself again. She fell in love with it.

~ Sofia and I went to Pirate's Cove with our church family. It was Sofia's second time and my first time at a water park!

~La Princesa started her first day of Pre-K! What a proud moment for the Ortiz Kingdom.

~ Sofia's first official sleepover!

 ~ My new niece Isabella Aurora was born on August 31, 2016

2016 || September

~ I started a new job as an assistant teacher for a Mom's Day Out program at church.

~ I got a new hair style! New growth means longer lengths of hair.

~ I participated in the womens conference at my church. It was greatness!

~ I focused my lens on Ms. Katie for her 75th birthday.

~ I joined some friends and fam at Buttons for dinner.

~We started going to dinner for Tuesday with Mom and Grandmother.

2016 || October

~ My 101 things in 1001 days challenge finally ended!

~ The Ortiz family went to celebrate a little lady's under the sea birthday party.

~ Mom and I voted together.

~ I had breakfast with a friend of mine from church, Jessica.

~ Went to an autumn festival for the first time. Sofia rode a horse for the second time in her life.

~ Sofia participated in a school book parade.

~ I participated in our own little festival for Mom's Day Out with some of my little buddies.

~ Trunk or Treat!

~ Halloween 2016!

2016 || November

~ I celebrated 5 whole years of marriage with El Rey by staying at the Omni Hotel in Dallas for the weekend.

 ~ I went to my first lantern festival with my mom and some other friends from church.

~ Sofia became the student of the month in her class and had a ceremony with other kids.

~ Sofia and I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at Cracker Barrel and then later with friends for dinner.

~ Went to an Ugly Sweater party the next day.

2016 || December

~ I attended a Christmas dinner with my co-workers at Cracker Barrel.

 ~ Sofia participated in the Christmas church program and had a blast.

~ I focused my camera on Sofia for some impromptu Christmas themed photos.

~ Sofia, Juan and I made our first ever gingerbread house.

~ We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as a family of three.

~ Sofia and I relaxed for the rest of the week on our Christmas Break.

....and that was 2016 in the Ortiz Kingdom!

Wow! I look back at this and I really can't believe how much has happened my life this year. It has been so great to me by the grace of my Father. Thank you, Jesus.

What's going to be new for the upcoming year? Hopefully organization. We REALLY need some of it. Organization with things in the house and organization for what we do in our lives. We need more organization of our funds and what we do with said funds. I think that we're off to a good start since I've been working but we can always do better.  We have a whole year to practice doing better, right? Best get started!

Happy New Year from the Ortiz Family!

*puts 2016 in the vault and locks it for safe keeping*

Past Royal Vault Years


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