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Royal Lifestyle || Christmas Eve and Christmas 2016

Today was very different when it comes to Christmas Day. We usually open presents and then go to breakfast with my family. That's how it has been for years and years. But lately in these previous years, we've kind of strayed from my disappointment. This year we were supposed to go to church, but last night's events kept that from happening.

Let me explain what I mean. Christmas Eve was pretty awesome except for the fact that my four year old was coughing and hacking up what sounded like her whole lung! So of course I was on wary mom alert, but it didn't keep us from doing stuff we wanted to do. We started off by eating some pizza and then we got on our Christmas pajamas and started on our very first gingerbread house. La Princesa loved it; eating majority of the candy that was supposed to go on it.

Here is the result! Not bad for our first one ever, huh?

Her smile warms my heart... <3

Then afterwards, we watched Santa Buddies for a bit before I decided to work on a craft for next year; paper links of red and green construction paper. Sofia was into it for a bit until her cough took over again. Worried I sent her to the couch with El Rey to rest up. We chilled for about an hour or so and then it was time to make cookies for Santa.

They turned out pretty good and we were sure Santa would love them. With that, I ushered the sick little princess into bed and as soon as I put the cover over her I heard it: a wheeze. Now, I have had childhood asthma before so I know what a wheeze sounds like and what it might mean. I had to debate on whether or not I wanted to take Sofia to the ER or to just see what would happen. My instinct took over and we bundled up to take her. Long story short- nothing was wrong with her lungs and whatever the cough was coming from must have been viral. Better news than what we were expecting. Took about three hours but we finally made it back home before Santa could get to our house. Exhausted, Juan and I passed out ourselves.

Now I'm being honest with you all when I say that I was probably more giddy about Christmas than my own daughter was. I was up at 6:15 ready to show Sofia the gifts we...I mean Santa got her. She got up and was just floored that there were presents under the tree. We waited almost a whole month with nothing under the tree, so that was awesome for her. Also, she loved the fact that Santa ate all of her cookies, but what she loved the most with no surprise was her presents.  There are no photos of her with them though cause I got it all on video. #notgoodatmultitasking

My stash...
Was Mommy happy with her presents? YES! Last year wasn't a very good Christmas year for me in that aspect so I was definitely pleased this year. People I loved listened to what I like to have and came through for me. Juan gave me a new video game. Grandmother and Fatima gave me notebooks and pens and a Barnes and Noble gift card. But my favorite gift had to be from my Mom. She gave me a Happy 365 Planner with stickers. I love her so.

The original plan was that we were going to go to church, but since we were up at all hours of the night at the ER, we stayed in and rested. Ruben and Bianca came in to visit us a little later on. It was good to see them since they are doing their thing in life like traveling and being married and all that. After their visit, it was time for family dinner at my aunt's house. It was pretty crowded; my aunt's house isn't all that big but it was worth it to see all my family. My aunt Debbie even came in from Atlanta with her family.

You would think that was the end of the night, right?  NOPE. We then went to visit El Rey's uncle and aunt, but I went to my in law's house to play drunk lotteria with Fatima, Karina and Mayra. It was great cause I was a bit stressed out. Good times!

So that was it. Our fun filled Christmas. How were your Christmases? Hopefully as full of fun and family as ours.

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