Friday, December 23, 2016

La Princesa || Lighting Up A Child's Eyes

Only one day left until Christmas...Aaaaahhhh! I can't believe it's finally here and I honestly can't believe how excited I am about it. Maybe it's because since I've been able to work and get some money, I was finally able to use my own money to get gifts for Sofia and others. What a blessing God has given to me.

Sofia is pretty excited about Santa coming and because of that we still don't have presents under our tree. We are patiently waiting for the jolly man with the white beard to drop off our gifts. Since Sofia is finally understanding the whole magic of Santa, I've been having fun planning all of this for her. December's been a pretty fast month; in fact, the month went by so fast that I forgot that I hadn't taken any Christmas photos of my munchkin.

We cannot have that.

So with an impromptu moment in front of us, I managed to get Sofia to sit and get some photos near our tree. Here are some of the good ones to share:

I am so excited! What about y'all? Any plans for the holidays? 

Pajamas: Target

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