Friday, November 4, 2016

Royal Lifestyle || Autumn 2016 So Far...

October has ended and November is just beginning. I can hardly believe it because that means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I didn't think that these past two months would be full of so much to do but I was surprisingly mistaken! There has been a conference, costumes, a new phone, dinner with friends, Tuesday dinners with family, birthday parties, work, festivals, an early voting day and breakfast dates.

Now there will be more working, NaNoWriMo, our 5 year wedding anniversary, birthdays, Thanksgiving and I'm going to some kind of lantern festival with my mother. Our life just keeps getting bigger and better with so much more to do. Praise Jesus for filling our life with what we have in it.

Now that we are entering our last month of autumn, I wanted to just backtrack with all of you about what went on in September and October!


1. After months and months and months...oh, hell...let's just say a year of wearing wigs, I was finally able to get my hair done! A good friend of the family, Monte came and permed my very overgrown hair and the result was a shiny smooth do that had everybody complimenting. Too bad it's time to re-perm it or something now cause...damn. The growth is coming back. I'm also thinking about doing some braids for winter time.

2. I went to my first Magnolia Ladies conference at my church in the beginning of September and let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I made in my spiritual life. There were meaningful messages in how to live my life with my business and my health and I got this wonderful necklace that had the word "embrace" on it. I interpreted that word to mean that I need to embrace the beauty inside of me and to embrace my relationship with my holy Father.

3. Becoming a day care teacher wasn't in my plans but God had another thing coming for me, I guess! My aunt told me about the position and how nobody was coming for interviews. So I made my way over to my church to apply for the position and pretty much got it on the spot. I work with an awesome lady named Estela with toddlers that are from 12 months to 2. I only have five to take care of but they are a handful! As much as they are a handful they really make my day and I don't have many times I laugh with them.

3. We've made Tuesday evenings after work dinner nights with my mom and grandmother. It's a nice way to connect with them ever since Mom left and more often than not I get my meat loaf fix (cause it's damn good.)

4. I celebrated the first day of autumn in 80-degree heat. Yeah, take in all that cold weather Northerners cause we Texans still haven't seen it yet. We still have 80 degree days even in November. I'm finally ready for the transition to be over and for us to have cooler weather.


While September had it's fun perks, October was where everything happened. There were so many pumpkins, so many costumes, and so much candy this month.

1. In the beginning of the month, we had two birthday parties that we were guests of. The first was for Little Daniel aka Chapito who turned two. His birthday was really October 25th but they didn't want to celebrate outside in the cold so while the weather was still warm, we had fun eating cake and hitting pinatas.  Then the next day we traveled to Arlington to celebrate Mila's birthday as I explained in a couple of posts down. Happy birthdays to both!

2. Sofia and I got our first taste of a fall festival. It was a small one, mind you, but still a festival all the same. We went with my aunt Kim, my sis Elise, and my cousins Audia, Kearrah and M'Kya. Sofia got to ride on a horse, we rode on a hay ride and also participated in a small but scary haunted house. Sofia was with me in the house but I made sure she had her head in the crook of my neck so she wouldn't see anything. It worked out and I had no traumatized child. Thank you, Jesus!

(Fall Festival Photo Dump)

3. Now that I'm driving and I'm able to where I want (if gas permits), I can finally start doing things I've always wanted to do like breakfast, lunch or dinner dates with friends and family. Case in point, I went to Cracker Barrel for an excellent breakfast date with Jessica, who is one the lead singers of our praise and worship team here at church. I've always wanted to connect with her because she is just that cool yet goofy soul that is always reaching out for you to hug. We discussed our lives and our children and just got a bit closer as friends. I'll be doing that again with her soon. Mom and I also early voted on that same day.

If you haven't voted, please try and do so. Our country might depend on that one vote for the right president.

4. Sofia got to wear her costume quite a lot this month. She wore it for the fall festival, and she wore it for a costume parade at her school where the kids got to dress up as their fave book character. Then after she participated, she and my mom got to come to our little fall festival at my work. Sofia had a lot of fun playing games and winning prizes and candy. She won even more at the trunk or treat event at her school that night too. It was a very busy day on that day.

5. Then came the end of the month and with that, Halloween 2016. It wasn't very eventful during the day and toward the time where the sun was coming down, I decided to take some photos of La Princesa in her Shimmer costume. What a diva this one is sometimes. I hope she never changes. Since this was the first year that El Rey was able to be at home on Halloween, he got to take Sofia trick or treating while I stayed to pass out candy. Not a lot of kids came but for some reason, my neighborhood isn't the most festive and majority of people didn't pass out candy. ( poopers...cough) The fact of the matter is that Sofia had a lot of fun.

Halloween Photo Dump

So wasn't I right? These past months have been filled with all sorts of activities. So much more than I've ever been in. This busyness takes some getting used to, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bring on Winter 2016!





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