Monday, November 7, 2016

El Rey || Five to Ten to Forever

* Before Note: Majority of our anniversary photos were accidentally erased from my iphone this month. Sorry in advance for the lack of photos with us in them.

Five years! That's how long this spicy enchilada of mine has been putting up with me for...or is it the other way around? Either way, we put up with each other and that's some pretty deep love.

Anyhoo...we have made it halfway to ten and I don't know about you guys but that was a means for celebration!

How did La Reina and El Rey celebrate their anniversary? With another staycation, of course! Last year we went to a hotel for the weekend and we decided we would do the same this year but we upgraded. Juan had before said that he wanted to take me to the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, so why not now? The hotel in Fort Worth was a no go because you have to stay at least six nights there and we didn't have six-day hotel spending money. We looked for a good deal and found one where it was 150 or so a night. Not bad for a two-night stay at a fancy hotel!

Sofia was to stay at my mom's house for the three days we were going to stay there and between you and me, I was too happy to drop her off! I love my kid, but I really love my husband. I picked him up from work after packing up a suitcase for us and a backpack for Sofia, then we were off to Dallas to stay at the Omni Hotel at Park West.

I was so busy looking around at the very different scenery that I almost missed the chance of getting a photo of the hotel. I know...I know. What kind of a photographer am I?! It's just, we rarely ever make it to Dallas so everything was so new to us. Even the freeways were different!

Check in was pretty easy and we made it to our room right away without any wait. I couldn't resist putting my things down and flopping on the bed. We have a nice bed at home but there is just something about a soft hotel bed, am I right? After getting a little rest in, I picked up my faithful camera and begin snapping away at the hallways and the lobby. Beautiful, and I mean beautiful place! Highly recommend you go there!

When we got there, it was pretty gloomy which wasn't a surprise. Our anniversary last year was the same way. Other than going and getting dinner at Golden Corral, we just stayed in the room BTW...thank you, Siri for showing us where to go. We'd have been so lost with you. I stayed next to the window and just watched everything from my view. The hotel had great service. During the afternoon before dinner, they had a free nacho bar for all of the guests. I have never seen that before and it was delicious!

The next day was a little better weather-wise, but we weren't going to let some rain get us down. First off was the breakfast buffet. Let me tell you...that food was great! You could order off a menu or you could choose from the buffet. We decided on the buffet. We stocked up our plates with french toast, bacon, and eggs before realized that we could get ready to order omelets cooked for us. Each bite of that food was heaven! Especially these little fruit pastries they had. I just couldn't get enough and I really want to find them so I can get them for myself.

Later on that afternoon we went to the Galleria which was like mall heaven. Three floors of shops! I didn't even know where to begin! We mostly just walked around since the hubs isn't really a shopper, but I went into Lush and got me a new bath bomb. I love those things so much! Feeling pampered is a must even if I don't really get to do that much. We had a quick dinner at Five Guys (for Juan) and Ghengis Grill (for me) then headed home where I quickly made use of that bath bomb. On the ride home we had a sweet sunset that I just had to take photos of.

Sorry about the lack of photos! We really didn't do much the rest of the time at the hotel. Just rest and relaxation. There is just something about sleeping somewhere different. No worries about anything like bills or taking care of a four-year-old. Just rest and relaxation. Nothing can beat that feeling.

Well...maybe a snuggle or two from your other half. Wonder what's next for our anniversary. I might just want to lay low at home without a four-year-old this time around. We'll see.

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