Sunday, October 9, 2016

La Reina || Slowing Down With Blogging

I can't say this any other way... I have been slowing down when it comes to writing in here, guys. I haven't been checking in nor have I been planning for posts. I've been really slacking and you know what? I'm all right with that for right now.


Because after so many years of being stuck in my house wondering where my life was going, I've finally found it and it's a whirlwind! So much so that I kind of have to find a way to level it all out. I'm driving now as you all know and that takes me to so many different places now! I can visit places and people as much as I'm able to gas wise- and that's a whole lot more than before just sitting in my house. 

So that's a reason. Another reason is that now I work part time so it's exhausting after work coming home and cooking or cleaning or getting Sofia ready for school. I pretty much just watch TV after all of that or play games. Weekends have also gotten so much busier. We usually are out on Saturdays doing something and at church and my dad's on Sundays. 

My life is happening, everybody and I love it! So where does that put Ruling the Ortiz Kingdom? Nowhere really. I'm not planning on leaving it; it's too special for me, but I do think I'm somewhat on a hiatus. At least until I can work everything out in my new lifestyle. I know so many women can do it and still live that busy life, but I'm new at this and need to find out how to do it my way. I will still post from time to time but not nearly as much as I used to.

I hope with this I don't lose many of my blogger friends; I will still check in and comment on their awesome blogs but for life comes first and I know many of you understand that. 

So with that being said, I will see you when I see you and I hope your lives are going just as fast as mine is!

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