Monday, October 31, 2016

Month of Instagram || October 2016

Chapito's party decorations.

Not every day your child has her own house mortgage-free!

The mermaid birthday girl named Mila.

We're goofballs but we love each other.

Waiting patiently for her Papi.

What the back of my work shirt says.

Still holding her hand. Don't ever let go, baby girl.

Walking home from school with Mommy.

Love's visit to Sofia's new room.

Little Miss Kenzie.

My naptime champion.

Are you ready to give this little genie a wish?

Fun at the fall festival

Proof I was actually there with everybody. #photographerproblems

Selfie queen in the making...

Selfie queen's mama.

The view while waiting for a breakfast date.

My mom and me on voting day.

Me and the munchkins I take care of.

I love watching her doze off to sleep.

Our Halloween stash.

Going trick or treating with Papi.

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