Monday, October 31, 2016

Month of Instagram || October 2016

Chapito's party decorations.

Not every day your child has her own house mortgage-free!

The mermaid birthday girl named Mila.

We're goofballs but we love each other.

Waiting patiently for her Papi.

What the back of my work shirt says.

Still holding her hand. Don't ever let go, baby girl.

Walking home from school with Mommy.

Love's visit to Sofia's new room.

Little Miss Kenzie.

My naptime champion.

Are you ready to give this little genie a wish?

Fun at the fall festival

Proof I was actually there with everybody. #photographerproblems

Selfie queen in the making...

Selfie queen's mama.

The view while waiting for a breakfast date.

My mom and me on voting day.

Me and the munchkins I take care of.

I love watching her doze off to sleep.

Our Halloween stash.

Going trick or treating with Papi.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Royal Lifestyle || An Under The Sea Birthday

At the beginning of October, our royal family made the journey to Arlington, Texas for a birthday part that we had been previously invited to. Mila was turning four! For those of you who don't know or haven't been following my IG, Mila is the granddaughter of my father's significant other. We've seen her here and there on visits and Sofia and I are really fond of her and her older sister, Myajah.

We arrived at the location and made our way to the back where a lake lay waiting for us to stare at. I tried to really, but I couldn't because of the adorable little mermaid a.k.a the birthday girl who was wondering around slightly confused. As more and more guests arrived, got food and found their seats, I snapped photos, before I was told that a certain guest would be making her way here in a few minutes. Who was that guest? Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid!

Mila was pleasantly surprised as was Sofia who's been watching the movie more often. She played games with the girls and sang a really good rendition of "Part of Your World" Afterwards we had cake and ice cream, snapped some photos with Ariel and opened some presents. Mila loved the tiny baby dolls Sofia and us gave her and we were pleased to have gotten them for her. All in all it was a really cute birthday party.

It's only adding inspriation fuel to Sofia's Princess and the Frog birthday party coming in April. It's so close yet so very far.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Royal Lifestyle || New Phone and Camera Roll

Please excuse my ragged appearance, everybody! It was a rushed morning and I pretty much flew into the truck to make it to the school, to Juan's job and the to my own in time.  So many fails were made; I forgot to brush La Princesa's hair (MAJOR FAIL) and didn't even realize it until we had pulled up to the damn school. I was so embarrassed for myself and for Sofia who probably didn't even give a crap. Secondly, El Rey forgot his lunch at home so I gave him what measly meal I was going to have for breakfast before booking it to work. So like I said, please excuse whatever you see going on in this photo.

Because that's not what this post is about. It's about the fact that after four...yeah, I'm going to go with four...years, I have finally been able to upgrade my iPhone from a 4s to a 6s. Sorry, 5. I wanted you but it's been so long of a wait that the stores don't even sell you anymore. I didn't even ask for it, but it was all Juan's idea. He suggested that since I'm working that I could pay for my phone every month. So I agreed and we went off to the AT&T store nearby.  Twenty minutes later, we came out with my new rose gold colored phone!

After getting my new phone cases from the mall, it took about two hours for me to even sync anything from my old phone to my new phone since my mind is that of an old lady's and I couldn't remember a single password for anything, from my Apple ID to my email addresses. #ginkgobilobaneeded. Then all was well at home and my contacts and photos were finally transferred over.

I feel so happy to have this new piece of technology in my life and not even because it's an iPhone. It's just showing me that God has me in His arms. We have been getting more and more money that we are even used to now that I'm working. It's not even a lot of money I'm making but it helps with the bills and that takes the burden off of my husband's back. That and the fact that his credit card debt has been squashed. Hallelujah!

I'm still in the process of downloading the same apps I had on my other phone but I've also purchased two new ones for my photography on my phone which I hated to say was really lacking with my iPhone 4s. The cameras have gotten extremely better and from the expertise of Amber of PB + J Babes, I've gotten PicTapGo and FaceTune to help out. So far they have been really helpful! They aren't free like I've mentioned, but if you can spare 1.99 for PicTapGo and 3.99 for FaceTune then it's worth it, I think! Just take a look at the photos below from my camera roll and see for yourselves!

I LOVE this one because usually my photos inside were really blurry.

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