Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ortiz Castle || La Princesa's Bedchamber

If you have been hanging on through my blog drought then you know that my mother has moved out of our house after living with us for four years. It was a bittersweet moment, but that meant that a new change was coming- Sofia was going to have her own room again!

Yesterday we finally got the majority of my mom's stuff out and over to the new house she and my grandmother share now and were then able to transfer Sofia's bed and toys to her room.

This was four years ago...*sniff* So many memories.

This is now...

It's already claimed by an very excited princess so feel free to take in all of the toys all over the floor! It's in no way perfect; it was last minute and we just knew Sofia needed her own space after so long of being in the room with Juan and myself. She loves it so much and only comes out when she really needs to connect and give hugs. ( don't mind taking those)

I do plan on working on it more: painting it and getting new furniture for her, but for now this will be great for her. She slept in it for the first time last night as a big girl and I was so proud of her. She cried a bit at first and after I read to her, she finally fell out and slept all night. Then in the morning, she came out, kissed me, went potty and went back inside to play.

It's such a blessing that Mom was able to find a good place to live. The house is great and just enough space for two classy ladies.

She understood that Sofia was getting too big to sleep in our room and she tried her best to make things work. I love her so much for that. Thanks to her, we have a very happy little girl.

Here are more photos of Sofia's bedroom:

A quote from Sofia's new favorite movie: The Lion King

Sofia's bed (recently used). We put the curtains behind it because
paint needs to be done STAT. It looks good for the time being.

Next on the shopping list: picture frames for the photos on her wall and paint.

I'm so excited for this new stage of my kidlet's life and when she goes to school I don't know what I'm going to do!

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  1. Cute!! What color do you plan on painting it? I love the purple you have in there now - will you stick with the purple theme?

  2. lovely room - a princess theme for your little princess would be perfect. I look forward to seeing some after shots :-) #TwinklyTuesday


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