Wednesday, August 31, 2016

La Reina || Writer's Wednesday: A Long Way to Go

As many of you have read before, I have been writing since I was eleven years old. I mean that's no reason to get a medal or something but because of that I have been too fond of writing as many stories as I can. As time went on, the stories I've written have been put to the side, never to be written on again. But even though they didn't have a future to completed, I kept them for memories sake and for a good laugh. Overly descriptive scenes such as "her hair was dark black." was one of the good ones that me and Mom have laughed at.

Yes, my stories have improved as I've grown older but never have I just thought, "this story is good the way it is, let's publish it!" No, I know that there is a process with editing and making sure the story is readable for others. Such is the case with Take Two & Call Me In The Morning. It's by the the largest story I've written and the first that I have started from the beginning with and kept going on. I haven't had anybody really edit it because I wanted to finish it first before sending it out but Courtney and Kalyn have been reading it as I have been writing it. It wasn't really an issue to get it edited right away, but I wanted to see if somebody would mind reading it anyway other than my cousins.

I have friended a couple of published writers on Facebook. Not so much to help with my writing but because they were fellow writers. I had asked a writer I really was a fan of to read my story. She had accepted, but the way she had chatted with me turned off any other communication with her for future references. It kept me from trying again until a couple of days ago when I put out a message to the author LeTeisha Newton.

I knew she was busy with deadlines for her own writing and she was pretty nice to even take the time to chat with me. I told her about reading my story and she told me that if she was interested in it at all that she would take the time to help me with it. I sent her the first four chapters of Take Two and waited anxiously to see if she would respond back.

She did. Oh boy, she did!

She sent me back a edited version of my story and told me that she couldn't even get past page one because there were so many errors in it. I wasn't surprised in the least and you know what, I didn't even let it get me down. Why? Because I already had it in my mind that my novel was going to be edited so why not just keep a copy of my rough draft for my own feel good memories and just let it be put the way it needs to be for other readers to enjoy.

She told me I needed work on grammar, the story itself and all in all told me I have a long way to go. I was so pleased to hear her say that because truthfully I have been feeling like my writing wasn't as good as it could be. That things I had learned in high school so long ago were starting to leave my mind. With her telling me this, it has given me the boot on my butt that I needed to keep going and improve.

So where do I go from here? I keep finishing my rough drafts. Then I look for an alpha reader to help me with more of them, a beta reader for my finished rough drafts and then a critique partner for future times.

There is quite a journey to go but I think I'm even more prepared than before!

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