Saturday, August 13, 2016

La Reina || To Be This Age Again For A Week

Me and my cousin Christopher

I know...the title is a bit vague. What age exactly?


I know you all are going, "Brittney, of all the ages to chose from in your thirty years, why six?" Because when I truly think hard about it, when I was six was when I can say I was truly the most happiest in my life.

* I lived with my mom along with my aunt, my two cousins Audia and Christopher and my grandmother in a townhouse (the same townhouses that my mom and grandmother moved to actually). With so many people under one roof, there was never a dull day! It was so nice to be surrounded by my family then.

* School was easy. 1st grade was so fun and I had the best teacher, Ms. Wells. How I remember her name is beyond me. I also remember the holiday and popcorn parties, the storytelling time in class and of course as I wasn't a complete angel in school, the color coded cards which I tried so hard to keep green. Sometimes they were yellow..meh. I hope Sofia isn't destined for that same color.

*Playtime was 10x more fun at six. Barbies, baby dolls, imaginative games and omg the shows were so much more excellent than the cartoons they play now. The Little Mermaid television show anyone? Christmas time was more exciting too. It seemed like Christmas break was so much longer but I guess when you're a kid everything is longer and bigger, huh?

The more and more I think about it, this decision for this age just makes the most sense to me. What about you? What age would you want to be again for a week and why?

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