Tuesday, August 23, 2016

La Princesa || First Day of Pre K!

I just can't believe it...the day that we have been anticipating for months has come. La Princesa had her first day of school as a pre-kindergartner. Weeks and weeks of being worried if she would even be accepted (you have be eligible in our school district) had finally paid off!

First off we had a meet the teacher night last week where Sofia got to see her classroom and meet her new teacher. After a mix up of classrooms we finally made it to Mrs. Lebeouf's class. She was so sweet to Sofia; getting down to her level, giving hugs and get this...she and I went to middle school and freshman year together. It's a small world after all!

This is Sofia's classroom! So adorable and so convienient too. They have a bathroom inside of the classroom so the littles don't have to go and walk by themselves to the potty. I love it. They also eat breakfast in the morning which is good cause we pretty much rush to get out of the they door. We're not used to having to get ready for school much any more. (derp)

Mrs. L and Ms. Brown
Sofia took to the class really quickly, grabbing toys and trying them out. She was really comfortable so I didn't think she would have any problems on the first day. Actually she didn't want to leave meet the teacher night and I had to explain to her that she would be back on Monday. How adorable is she?

Very blurry photo of all three of us

We kept La Princesa interested in school by telling her that it was on Monday over the weekend. Also explained to her about rules and how to share. So on the day of school, she was super ready. We got up way early at 6:45 which is so much earlier than what she's used to, but she got up without crying or complaints. I love this girl. Since Juan doesn't work on Mondays, we all went together as a family. She made it in time to get some breakfast (even though she already had cereal) and I snapped some photos.

Sofia didn't even cry and surprisingly, neither did I. Maybe I was just too proud of her for not doing so. I kissed her goodbye and all she said was bye before getting to her breakfast. We left her and hung around at the house until 10: 45 when we got her. Sadly we were the last parents to pick up because we thought it was at that time when it was earlier at 10:30. Lesson learned. She had a great time and I know that she's going to do so good.

She's going to take kindergarten by storm!

Did any of you mommies have to let go of your babies for school? How did you take it?

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  1. aww that top pic is so cute with her backpack!! Yay for her doing so well at drop off.


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