Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Writer's Wednesday || The Running Stretch

It has only been twenty years in the making but I have finally almost done it.

Done what, you ask?

I am so very close to finishing my first novel ever. Take Two and Call Me in the Morning will be the first story that I have ever finished in my lifetime! For those that know me, that is HUGE. For those that don't, just take my word for it.

I have about nine chapters left but they already have outlines so they should be done in no time. I'm so excited that this is happening, though I know that I still have a journey to go. I still have to edit it a couple of times. I plan to let my cousins read through it and edit around first before sending it to a professional editor. The reason for this is because I plan to self publish this novel and I don't want to have my story looking like a amateur just copied and pasted her first draft to Amazon. I've seen those and they are not pretty, I'm just saying.

No, baby no...I have put too much work into this book.

After I finish my story, I plan to put it to the side for a while before I get to editing; possibly work on Aflame during the break so that when I look at it again, it'll feel somewhat new.

Did I mention that I'm excited about all of this?! I am!

I still remember writing my first story when I was a kid. It didn't make a lick of sense and the grammar and spelling really sucked, but damn, I loved making up new worlds and characters. I always wanted to finish a story, but I would either find a new idea to write about or would just abandon the story completely.

So please understand...I'm a minute away from throwing a fiesta for my accomplishments here.

Watch out, ya'll! Cause I'm almost there...

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