Monday, July 11, 2016

La Reina || Taking Stock Of Life

Making:  I don't know if this counts as making anything, but I have been trying to get my mom's photos off of her computer and on to Flickr. It would be easier if she didn't have thousands of them. I've been doing the same to mine too.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment cause it's 10 pm. But tomorrow we'll be getting some stuff to make like a chicken stew. Yeah, I know it's summer time but we've had that chicken forever so it needs to be made.

Drinking: Just water and milk

Reading: Nothing at the moment. Just stories from sims games, I guess.

Wanting: I really want to get a job. Either with my photography or with a full time baby sitting job.

Looking: Not really watching much TV since our satellite service is canceled for money reasons. But I have been very interested in this new show called Greenleaf. I've already missed a couple of episodes too (sob). Actually I think after this post, I'm going to go watch and catch up on Archer. I'm only on season five.

Playing: Lego Jurassic Park has been recently but I have been mostly playing Kingdom Hearts II

Wishing: That I wasn't going through so much drama lately. It's been so much that it's just depressing.

Enjoying: The four day weekend that my hubs just had. Friday was intentional, Monday wasn't but hey, if it's not broke don't fix it!

Waiting: For the tax return money to finally get here. It always seems like it take months to come in when in reality it's only a couple of weeks.

Liking: Those rare moments this summer when rain decides to make an appearance. Down here in the Lone Star State...we need it.

Wondering: If I'll be doing something on my birthday this Sunday.

Loving: The fact that my little girl is starting to sing songs. I love hearing her voice and I love it more when she's singing along with me. #singerinthemaking

Hoping: That we don't go over on our budget for groceries today. Also hoping I get a job sooner rather than later.

Needing: Money! Gimme all the money! The struggle is real, ya'll.

Smelling: Nothing at the moment, but I love my Beyonce's Heat perfume collection.

Wearing: A black spaghetti strap shirt and black shorts

Thinking: About so much change in my life right now. Other than the issues happening with people losing their lives which is a huge blow in a lot of lives right now...for me personally it's not as huge as that, but still has quite an impact. My neighbors that I have been getting to be friends with right next door and across the street are both moving. That makes me so sad...losing friends is never a good feeling. Also we have been losing more money than gaining it feels like-even with El Rey's newest job. It's a hard knock life for us. But I have to keep telling myself that things are worse for somebody other than me out there.

Listening: Nothing is flowing in my ears right now, sadly

Photographing: I've decided to use every other Monday for a hours a day post. So far I've made this one and this one.

Feeling: As much as I would like to say happy, it wouldn't be the truth and I'm not a liar. Truthfully, I'm feeling more depressed than usual. I might have to line it up with the fact that time when I'm most womanly is coming up soon but the shit that's been going on could be a reason too.

Giggling: If it's not laughter with my mom it's laughter from my mini me. She keeps me in stitches.

That's what I've been doing...what about you?!

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  1. Oh, doll! Sorry things aren't the best right now! Hope you get a job soon! It is so hard when friends move away. Wishing you peace


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