Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Royal Lifestyle || Ch-Ch-Changes...

That's my kid attempting to hatch an "egg".

It's more than half of the year in this July and already I can see a lot of things changing in our kingdom. Changes for the better? We have yet to see but I'm really excited to see where it goes when it comes to our lives. Here are a few things we have going on real soon.

El Rey's Work Schedule Change: Juan used to work on every weekday but for a little while he's been staying home on Fridays and working on Saturday. Now he will be working half a day on Saturdays for now on and will have Sundays and Mondays off. I wasn't happy with it at first; probably because I wanted Saturdays to be our days as a family but as long as he keeps his job, I'm okay with it.

La Princesa's Going to School!  That's right! This little munchkin will be going to Pre-K and I'm so excited for her. This way she'll be around other kids her age, learn more words and all around get the education that she needs. I was really nervous about her going because I didn't know if she would qualify to be registered. But she did and now we just have to worry about school supplies and uniforms (which Mommy isn't a fan of #wenttoschoolwithoutuniforms).

La Reina's Working On Another Book: Yeah I know that I'm so very close to finishing Take Two and Call Me in the Morning, but I realized that I don't want to publish this right away because it's a pretty lengthy story and I wanted to self publish. I think that right now...I'll be working on Aflame because I think I"m not as close to the characters as in Take Two so it be easier to let go of.

La Reina is 31: Yep, my birthday has come and passed and I'm another year older. It wasn't a big hullabaloo or anything like that. I spent  my birthday eating a dinner with Sofia at IHOP. Then I had birthday dinners with other people during the week after. Nice.

The biggest change of all however is that my mother will be moving in with my grandmother so that means that Sofia will have her own room again and so will her father and I. This is pretty big since we'll have to move stuff around and put things in Sofia's room. Not only that, we'll have to get Sofia used to sleeping in her room by herself and also get her used to the fact that my mother won't be home every day. She's grown up with her for four years so it's going to be quite different. But I think in time, things will be all right. She'll have school to distract her and we'll visit Mom from time to time at the townhouse she'll be staying in.

So far those are the only changes. What changes are going on in your lives?

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