Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Month of Instagram || July 2016

Getting my makeup ready for the day.

Sofia looking all so cute in American colors!

4th of July is one holiday that my mom and I both love.

Cooler babies!

Papi's off of work! Time to run to him!

Our familia

Still loving the day

Loving the fireworks, are we Sofia?

Sofia's first time at a splash pad

Sofia loves to wear bows so why not Papi?

My birthday selfie with my little love.

Sofia and Papi having fun at the splash event at Christ Church

That smile tho.

One tiny cavity? We got this.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Royal Lifestyle || Ch-Ch-Changes...

That's my kid attempting to hatch an "egg".

It's more than half of the year in this July and already I can see a lot of things changing in our kingdom. Changes for the better? We have yet to see but I'm really excited to see where it goes when it comes to our lives. Here are a few things we have going on real soon.

El Rey's Work Schedule Change: Juan used to work on every weekday but for a little while he's been staying home on Fridays and working on Saturday. Now he will be working half a day on Saturdays for now on and will have Sundays and Mondays off. I wasn't happy with it at first; probably because I wanted Saturdays to be our days as a family but as long as he keeps his job, I'm okay with it.

La Princesa's Going to School!  That's right! This little munchkin will be going to Pre-K and I'm so excited for her. This way she'll be around other kids her age, learn more words and all around get the education that she needs. I was really nervous about her going because I didn't know if she would qualify to be registered. But she did and now we just have to worry about school supplies and uniforms (which Mommy isn't a fan of #wenttoschoolwithoutuniforms).

La Reina's Working On Another Book: Yeah I know that I'm so very close to finishing Take Two and Call Me in the Morning, but I realized that I don't want to publish this right away because it's a pretty lengthy story and I wanted to self publish. I think that right now...I'll be working on Aflame because I think I"m not as close to the characters as in Take Two so it be easier to let go of.

La Reina is 31: Yep, my birthday has come and passed and I'm another year older. It wasn't a big hullabaloo or anything like that. I spent  my birthday eating a dinner with Sofia at IHOP. Then I had birthday dinners with other people during the week after. Nice.

The biggest change of all however is that my mother will be moving in with my grandmother so that means that Sofia will have her own room again and so will her father and I. This is pretty big since we'll have to move stuff around and put things in Sofia's room. Not only that, we'll have to get Sofia used to sleeping in her room by herself and also get her used to the fact that my mother won't be home every day. She's grown up with her for four years so it's going to be quite different. But I think in time, things will be all right. She'll have school to distract her and we'll visit Mom from time to time at the townhouse she'll be staying in.

So far those are the only changes. What changes are going on in your lives?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

La Reina || My New Blog Challenge

I can't believe that in just two or so more months, my 101/1001 challenge will be finished. I have done a lot and I'm pretty proud of myself, but I'm thinking that I want to do something different this time around. That's how my Blog Lover's Challenge came about.

What is the challenge, you ask? BLC is a work in progress but I think I can give you the gist of it.

1. I'm going read the blogs I follow from start to current. That way I can learn more about them and their families and get some good linkage to new stores or websites that I haven't heard of before.

2. Once I finish a blog then I will make a post about that certain blog stating things I know from it and things I love about it. It's a good way to appreciate the hard work the blogger has put into their blog and it satisfies my reading fix! Win win for me!

I am excited to try to do this. It's going to be the same time limit as the 101 challenge; 1000 days so that's plenty of time to get a lot of reading done. There's no winning or losing, just the satisfaction of reading and learning things.

Want to give it a try? Here are some tips!

  • You don't have to read every single blog you follow but the ones you like the most are a positive! 
  • There isn't an order. Read which ever ones you want but make a list with your blogs linking them back to the very first post. This way other readers who want to join the challenge or want new reading material can read from the beginning.
  • Remember this is all about fun! No pressure is needed. Read when you want! The point is just to read!
  • Know that you won't be the only one doing it! If it feels silly at least you know that this girl is doing the same thing!

So here I go! The blogs I'm starting with are Alexandra Bee Blog and & Baby G Makes Three. My challenge will be over on April 9, 2019.

Wish me luck. I wish you the same! 

La Princesa || This Kid Behind The Blog: July 2016

So here we are in what I believe is the hottest month in the year, July. With that we get the "gift" of the blazing heat and we also get ways to keep cool from the heat as well. You might be better if Sofia tells you all about it since it's time for the July edition of The Kids Behind The Blog with Beth, Crystal, Meghan, and Stephanie. I got with Sofia this morning to learn about her take on this summer season and as usual she has given me some gems for answers:

What two things do you like to do in the summer?
Play with chalk and play with Papi

If you can go anywhere this summer, where would you go and why?
To the supermarket (yep, seriously said that. She has a thing about Wal Mart lately) and Chuck-E-Cheese

What is your favorite thing about summer?

If you could pick any way to spend a hot summer day, how would you spend it?
Go to zoo. (Really, kid? It's 100 degrees outside!)

What is your favorite summer treat?
Strawberry ice cream (she means the strawberry frozen yogurt from Yogurtland. I agree with her there!)

I am getting so very fond of these interviews with La Princesa. She surprises me and leaves me laughing with what she answers with. She's still learning many words so it takes a minute for her to answer, but still when she does, it's so much more than I could ever ask for. She's what makes summer time for me!

Monday, July 11, 2016

La Reina || Taking Stock Of Life

Making:  I don't know if this counts as making anything, but I have been trying to get my mom's photos off of her computer and on to Flickr. It would be easier if she didn't have thousands of them. I've been doing the same to mine too.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment cause it's 10 pm. But tomorrow we'll be getting some stuff to make like a chicken stew. Yeah, I know it's summer time but we've had that chicken forever so it needs to be made.

Drinking: Just water and milk

Reading: Nothing at the moment. Just stories from sims games, I guess.

Wanting: I really want to get a job. Either with my photography or with a full time baby sitting job.

Looking: Not really watching much TV since our satellite service is canceled for money reasons. But I have been very interested in this new show called Greenleaf. I've already missed a couple of episodes too (sob). Actually I think after this post, I'm going to go watch and catch up on Archer. I'm only on season five.

Playing: Lego Jurassic Park has been recently but I have been mostly playing Kingdom Hearts II

Wishing: That I wasn't going through so much drama lately. It's been so much that it's just depressing.

Enjoying: The four day weekend that my hubs just had. Friday was intentional, Monday wasn't but hey, if it's not broke don't fix it!

Waiting: For the tax return money to finally get here. It always seems like it take months to come in when in reality it's only a couple of weeks.

Liking: Those rare moments this summer when rain decides to make an appearance. Down here in the Lone Star State...we need it.

Wondering: If I'll be doing something on my birthday this Sunday.

Loving: The fact that my little girl is starting to sing songs. I love hearing her voice and I love it more when she's singing along with me. #singerinthemaking

Hoping: That we don't go over on our budget for groceries today. Also hoping I get a job sooner rather than later.

Needing: Money! Gimme all the money! The struggle is real, ya'll.

Smelling: Nothing at the moment, but I love my Beyonce's Heat perfume collection.

Wearing: A black spaghetti strap shirt and black shorts

Thinking: About so much change in my life right now. Other than the issues happening with people losing their lives which is a huge blow in a lot of lives right now...for me personally it's not as huge as that, but still has quite an impact. My neighbors that I have been getting to be friends with right next door and across the street are both moving. That makes me so sad...losing friends is never a good feeling. Also we have been losing more money than gaining it feels like-even with El Rey's newest job. It's a hard knock life for us. But I have to keep telling myself that things are worse for somebody other than me out there.

Listening: Nothing is flowing in my ears right now, sadly

Photographing: I've decided to use every other Monday for a hours a day post. So far I've made this one and this one.

Feeling: As much as I would like to say happy, it wouldn't be the truth and I'm not a liar. Truthfully, I'm feeling more depressed than usual. I might have to line it up with the fact that time when I'm most womanly is coming up soon but the shit that's been going on could be a reason too.

Giggling: If it's not laughter with my mom it's laughter from my mini me. She keeps me in stitches.

That's what I've been doing...what about you?!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

La Reina || A Random About Me Survey

You know me and my love for surveys! Here's another one that I got from Allie for you to read upon. If you feel the want, do one for yourself!

1.  FIRST NAME?:  Brittney
2.  NAMED AFTER ANYONE?:  My middle name Patrice is after a aunt I don't even know.
3.  WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY?:  Watching soldiers coming home videos. It never fails.
4.  DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING?:  Sometimes. The way I write certain letters makes it hard for people to understand a word.
5.  DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL?: Yes. Many of them from many years.
6.  DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT?:  Yes. Majority of the time.
7.  WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP?:  Hell to the no.
8.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL?:  I usually don't have favorites, but recently I've been in love with Golden Grahams. Yum!
9.  DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF?:  No. Unless my shoes are really tight.
10. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG?:  In some ways, but in others I'm pretty weak.
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM?:  I can't really just eat this anymore, but it was Americone Dream by Ben and Jerry's.
12. SHOE SIZE?:  10, though depending on width, I can do 11 or 9 1/2
13. RED OR PINK?:  Pink
14. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF?: My self esteem always fluctuates. When I'm down...I'm reallly down.
15. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST?:  Nanny- my dad's mother.
16. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING?:  None right now, I'm in a nightgown cause it's 11 pm.
17.  WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW?:  Some kind of scary movie my husband is watching.
19. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SMELL?:  Petrichor: The smell during or after rain.
21. FAVORITE SPORT?:  To play:  Dance   To watch: Not really any of them but I'm getting better at understanding what I watch.
22. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS?:  No, just glasses right now and to be honest, I really don't see myself putting something on my eyeballs.
23. FAVORITE FOOD?:  Crab legs
24. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING?: Happy ending for sure!
25. SUMMER OR WINTER?:  It used to be summer, but now I'm like neither of them. I'll take spring and fall.
26. HUGS OR KISSES?:  Hugs all the way!
27. FAVORITE DESSERT?:  Cake (any cake but German Chocolate)
28. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING?:  Not reading anything at the moment.
29. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV?:  Nothing, it was the 4th of July
30. FAVORITE SOUNDS?:  Yanni music, my child singing, my child laughing
33. WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU BORN?:  July 17, 1985 in Fort Worth, Texas

There we go! Another survey conquered! Now to search for the next one... Talk to ya later! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Writer's Wednesday || The Running Stretch

It has only been twenty years in the making but I have finally almost done it.

Done what, you ask?

I am so very close to finishing my first novel ever. Take Two and Call Me in the Morning will be the first story that I have ever finished in my lifetime! For those that know me, that is HUGE. For those that don't, just take my word for it.

I have about nine chapters left but they already have outlines so they should be done in no time. I'm so excited that this is happening, though I know that I still have a journey to go. I still have to edit it a couple of times. I plan to let my cousins read through it and edit around first before sending it to a professional editor. The reason for this is because I plan to self publish this novel and I don't want to have my story looking like a amateur just copied and pasted her first draft to Amazon. I've seen those and they are not pretty, I'm just saying.

No, baby no...I have put too much work into this book.

After I finish my story, I plan to put it to the side for a while before I get to editing; possibly work on Aflame during the break so that when I look at it again, it'll feel somewhat new.

Did I mention that I'm excited about all of this?! I am!

I still remember writing my first story when I was a kid. It didn't make a lick of sense and the grammar and spelling really sucked, but damn, I loved making up new worlds and characters. I always wanted to finish a story, but I would either find a new idea to write about or would just abandon the story completely.

So please understand...I'm a minute away from throwing a fiesta for my accomplishments here.

Watch out, ya'll! Cause I'm almost there...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Royal Holidays || Hours of the Day: July 4, 2016

This kind of post is usually the kind that I want to post on Mondays, but since yesterday was a pretty special holiday, I didn't get in til late and so here we are on Tuesday with our hours of the day. Regardless I hope you enjoy and I hope your holiday was as fun as ours was!

|| 7 am ||

|| 8 am ||

|| 9 am ||

|| 10 am ||

|| 11 am ||

|| 12 pm ||

|| 1 pm ||

|| 2 pm ||

|| 3 pm ||

|| 4 pm ||

|| 5 pm ||

|| 6 pm||

|| 7 pm ||

|| 8 pm ||

|| 9 pm ||

|| 10 pm ||

To me...this is what summer is all about:  family, friends, barbecue and fireworks.

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