Monday, June 13, 2016

This Kid Behind the Blog || June 2016

Woah, did I really almost miss this link-up?  I have been in such a blogging slump lately it's not even funny. No worries. I don't see myself stopping what I have worked so hard on. I just think it's a phase.

Anyhoo...Father's Day is coming up and this Kids Behind the Blog link up is themed to it. So I got together with my little miss to get some answers out of her. Here's what I got.

What do you like doing with Papi? 
Playing with puzzles.

What was Papi like as a little boy?
He was a boy. (She's not wrong.)

What is Papi's favorite food?
Chocolate cake. ('s more like lasagna, but hey, I'm sure he likes cake too, kid.)

What does Papi do at work?
He takes a bath. (More like he needs a bath later. I don't know where she gets this stuff.)

What is your favorite memory of Papi?
She didn't answer this one. But she always hides whenever he gets home in the front closet to surprise him. Which would work if she didn't laugh as soon as he gets in the door. She's doing it right at this moment and she just knocked on the door as he walked in. That goof.

So that's it for this link-up. Stay tuned for the next month...if I remember it. *sighs*


  1. haha love that she hides and giggles. Aria is terrible at hide and seek, if you don't find her in 2 seconds she says HERE I AM!

  2. I love that she said chocolate cake-- could it be her favourite thing :-)


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