Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just a Summer Afternoon at Home

Can you feel it? That really hot feeling? That unbearable heat? So do I. That only means one thing. It's summertime in Texas. Now officially summer doesn't start until later in this month but for Texans, summer starts in late May. We are in hot car mode which means you can't drive without burning your legs or fingers and we are in deep tan mode. I'm already darker than I usually am *gasp*. I guess I haven't been catching shade when I need to.

Couple of weeks ago, when the weather was pretty okay, I asked Juan to barbecue some chicken breasts. I honestly don't know why we haven't had years of barbecuing; we've had a grill in our shed this whole time! Guess we'll have to catch up, huh? We just need to find some good meat and burgers to get cooking.

La Princesa got to have some fun outside while the food was being cooked!

It's a rarity that we get to play with water toys at our house but I happened to remember that we have a Dora sprinkler toy stored away in the shed as well. So I cleaned it off and set it and the little lady up for play. She was skittish with it at first, only coming a little bit near it to feel water but then she went headfirst into the fun. While she did I snapped photos because like I's a rarity.

There is just something about barbecuing and water fun that just calms my spirit. Maybe it's because it's what I grew up with; the smell of roasting meat mixed with Al Green's music. It's associated with the memories of family and love. I love that feeling and want to have it more so many more barbecues are a must.

It might be easier with a gas grill for El Rey....I'll have to look into that again. Anything to get that fire burning again.

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  1. Such cute photos! Sofia looked like she was having so much fun!


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