Monday, June 20, 2016

Fountain Fun at Sundance Square

Look at that face! Doesn't she look so very happy and so very soaked? Believe me, it was worth it and then some. See, the weather has just been a butthead and a half with the heat and so I had been planning to take Sofia to the jetted fountains at Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. We don't live near a community pool and I haven't taken her to the water gardens this year just yet either so I figured she'd have a good wet time at the fountains.

We drove down from home in a fifteen minute ride and then parked in the garage. Thank you, Fort Worth for free weekend parking cause Mama is broke. Then I lugged all of our stuff which consisted of a change of clothes and a stroller and rolled my preschooler to the middle of Sundance Square...

...only to find out that we couldn't play in it until 1 pm.

Before that was just for viewing only so Sofia and I sat underneath an umbrella to wait the thirty minutes until it was time. It was a bummer because it was sooo hot; the breeze just blew heat in our faces. To pass the time, I let Sofia munch on some snacks which she enjoyed.

She commented on the fountains and the clock above us, while I snapped photos here and there. It was a beautiful day and downtown is by no means an ugly area. It was just hard because the heat was starting to heat up my phone and camera, I had to keep them in my backpack.

FINALLY! 1 pm came and after me snapping one more photo of dry Sofia, I encouraged her to get in there and I followed behind her. It was pure heaven after sitting there for so damn long in the heat. There was so much water that we were soaked in no time but it was so refreshing and cold. Sofia had a blast! She would run around and put her face in the water and would sit next to them when they were lowered.

Of course my daughter would be one of THOSE kids.

First sign of proof that I was indeed in there. Please excuse my big whale feet.

I don't have any of Sofia in the higher streams of water; I didn't want to risk getting my camera soaked but best believe it was worth the wait in the heat. For somebody like me, one of the only adults running around in there, I loved it. I don't really go swimming much or get my hair wet but today I was was okay with it. Especially if it meant playing with my kid. She's worth all of that.

I'm so happy we got to do this. I really want to make of up for lost time with this little girl now that I'm able to drive to places. This way I want her to have to best memories of her life in her childhood; that time of her life that is still growing...that is still fragile and is still large enough to hold the most important things in her heart.

I think this day can count.

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