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A Month of Instagram || June 2016

Happy 4th Father's Day to El Rey!

Sofia's own manicure she did herself!

That time I tried to swaddle my four year old...

Sofia and her new friend Raina

La Reina || My Various Wigstyles

For as long as I can remember, my hair has always gone through different transformations. It's been curled, straightened, pinned up, cut short and braided. The journey with my hair has always been a part of my life. Now, I don't know if you guys already know this, but I'm not ashamed of wearing extensions. Be it from braids (box, sengalese twists) to sew ins, if it makes me look good, I'm trying it.

Now in this part of my life, I have been more often going along the path of wigs. For more than one reason. The first is the fact that mama has some major growth with no idea how to control it. I've never had my hair natural and knowing how I usually take care of my hair, I probably won't. Just my personal choice.

I don't have a dislike for natural hair; on the contrary, I think that majority of styles are stunning! But I just don't have the attention span to keep on a regime to take care of it. #ADDproblems 

I just wanted to show you some of the wigs that I own and use faithfully. I will probably continue to use these until I can get my own hair controlled. As in getting enough funds to go and get a good perm and style; maybe even a color cause the gray is seriously showing. That's not a bad thing but I'm not exactly ready to be as fabulous in salt and pepper like my mom. Also I'll tell you more about how to take care of your various wigs.

Wig Style #1. This one is my current go-to wig because of it's short style which completely works for me since it's a brutal summer this year. It's easy to comb out and easy to put on and keep on. You'll mostly see me wearing this one which is pretty funny cause I'm usually not a fan of short hairstyles!

Wig Style #2. This is the style I usually go for when there are special occasions such as weddings or shows where I have dress up. I sometimes wear it for church too when I feel like it. While this style is lovely, it can get matted really quick so my mom has to fix it up ever so often.

Wig Style #3. This style is one that I have just recently started wearing again. It's gives me a different look and sometimes the bangs throw me off but I still use it from time to time. Maybe I'll give it more time in the future.

Wig Style #4. This is my ultimate wig. Mom and I call this one the Cher wig. I rarely wear this one because since it's so long, it gets hard to control at the ends with tangles and the like, but when it's all combed out, its a great look for when I just want to look my prettiest. This is the one that I will most likely wear for the Fourth of July holiday, but don't hold me on that one. It's one of my favorites though.

So now that you see the styles that I usually wear, now I'm going to give you some tips on how we usually take care of them (cause sometimes my mom and I share them) so that if anybody decides that they want to go the wig route they have things a little easier.

Wiggy Tips:

  • Always try to use a wig cap. It can keep your hair down flat so that the wig fits the way it needs to.
  • There are usually combs to keep the wigs in place. Check in the front or the back for their location. There are also ways to tighten the wig in the back so that it fits better.
When washing your wigs, remember these tips:
  • Wash with regular shampoo. Put it in a sink full of warm water, then slosh it around to dissolve the clumps of shampoo. 
  • Hold the wig you want to wash by the front before putting it into the water. Repeatedly dunk it in and out of the water before leaving it to soak for a while.  (Warning to ya: Do not move shampoo in the hair as if it is your natural hair; this will tangle it up big time.)
  • Dunk in and out a couple more times before letting out the water in the sink. Then rinse the hair. Put conditioner in the wig and let it sit for about five minutes. Then rinse it again.
  • Hang your wig to dry in the bathtub. Hang it on a hook if possible.
  • When your wig is dry, comb it out with a wig brush. (These are available at the beauty supply store)
  • If the texture is a bit rough, you can try to smooth it out with a flat iron. The way you can test it is by running the iron over the very end of the hair in the way back to see if it will melt under the heat. If it doesn't, then go over the hair until you are satisfied.

~Remember...your hair will not look like the way it did when you bought it over time.~

Be it for functionality or just for fun, you can find both when you wear wigs. Don't believe me? Here's Sofia wearing all four to show you otherwise...


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Royal Lifestyle || Our Hours of the Day: June 27, 2016

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