Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Month of Instagram || May 2016

Me and mine on Mother's Day

My mom and hers on Mother's Day

I love my little riding buddy.

Just some park fun after a day of rain

Looking pretty for the day!

On the way to Juan's cousin's wedding.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This Kid Behind the Blog || May 2016

How about we look into what La Princesa has to say? For this mothers edition of The Kids Behind the Blog, I took some time with a sort of sick Sofia and asked her some questions. Here's what she came up with for answers this month:

What is something I always say to you?
I wake up.  (maybe she means "did you wake up?" which is true. I do ask her that)

What makes Mommy happy?

How do I make you laugh?
She didn't answer. She was eating crackers. But usually it's funny faces and tickles

What do you enjoy doing with me?
Ride in the car.

What is my favorite thing to do?
Drive my car.  (yeah, I guess that's right. I'm becoming more of a car addict!)

I'm linking up with Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls who is one of the five hosts for The Kids Behind the Blog. Come on by if you're interested!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hey Mommies...


Love, the Ortiz Family

My bestie. My rock. My support. My absolute reason for living. She's it and then some...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10 Random Reasons I Love Being A Mom

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I want to take some time to reflect upon myself being a mother and the joys that I have with this job that I've gladly taken on for four years so far; Five if you count the year of holding this darling child in my womb. This is my first time doing a 10 on Tuesday linking up with Karli so this is the perfect opportunity to express the many ways that being a mother makes my day.

10. Being able to see the tiniest reflection of myself and my husband. That is just truly an amazing thing to see every day. To see my eyes, my smile, my face. To see his hair, his facial expressions and his mouth in our daughter it just makes me so happy that I was the one to have her.

9. Having an compassionate child. Sofia is so in tune with her surroundings and moreso with the people in her life. She knows when Mommy is sad and of course when Mommy is mad and she tries her best to make better of situations. Being a little helper. But it makes her day when she knows that Mommy is happy. But little does she know that when SHE'S happy, Mommy is happy.

8. Snuggles! I mean come on! Who doesn't want to have a child who is a hugger 24/7? I know that I can rely on Sofia when I need a hug and a big one at that. Those little arms are just right for hugs.

7. Having a driving buddy. This is a new one of course but it's the truth. At first I had to drive in quiet because I wanted to concentrate and I appreciated Sofia respecting that wish of mine. But now...now I love chatting with her when I drive. I love hearing her ask me where we are going and telling me what she sees in the window. She is my road dog for sure!

6. She reflects what I teach. I can't tell you how proud it makes me feel when I hear my child say excuse me, please and thank you. When I see her say hello to somebody or shake somebody's hand. Especially in a day and age where children are so much more unruly and disrespectful. Manners is what we have been teaching Sofia since she was an six month old baby because I am trying my best to teach my child to be a person that I would want to be around. A person that is respectful in all things. She shows me that I am doing my job correctly.

5. I can use naptime for an excuse for cuddle time. As she gets older and older she finds more things to and I have to say that sometimes I am too busy spending the day cleaning, writing or the like. So when she could be in the bed taking a nap, I let her fall asleep on me on the couch. It's a good fifteen to twenty minutes of snuggles before I let her sleep good. I know that in the future there's a chance she won't want to cuddle as much but I hope that she'll be like her mother (who still cuddles with her own mother) and won't be that way.

4.  I can bring out her creativity. Though she's only four and I have yet to see what she is going to do with her life, I know that my daughter has the same creativity as me. She loves to dance, she loves to sing and she loves to act. She loves to pretend that she's animals like I used to do when I was younger. It wasn't looked at on in a positive light for me and sometimes I feel as if I need to stop her when she does it, but then I realize she's seeing what I'm seeing; how the world would look in a different way, from a different creature than what she is. To me...her imagination is already so large!

3. I get paid in kisses for my job. You think she's just a hugger? Nope! Usually there are kisses to accompany those hugs. I love that she kisses me. There are times that she will let me kiss her only to try to wipe them away but hey, the times she doesn't wipe compared to when she does is a huge difference. So I'll take them while I can.

2. I'm able to be there to see my child grow. Not just physically but mentally and I'm able to see her personality grow. She amazes me with something new she learned to say everyday. "Whassup?" being one of them. I am so happy I get to see her shine on my day with her intelligence.

1. My child shows me a type of love that I can't get anywhere else. A child's love. A love for a mother and a daughter. No matter how often I get on her, no matter where I am or where she is, I know that my child loves me unconditionally. Not even because she tells me a hundred times a day, but just because she loves to be around me, loves to show me what she can do, loves to tell me how pretty I am. I know that if nobody has my back, then Sofia will. This is why I am loving being a mommy.

What about all of you other mommies out there? Why do you love being a mom to your kids?

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