Monday, April 11, 2016

La Princesa || Crossing Over to Four!

Can it be?! It's really already near April 26th? What kind of ridiculousness is this? It just seemed like yesterday that Sofia was celebrating her 3rd birthday. Now she's about to be a whole year older. 


This third year of my daughter's had been filled with so much. Some very happy moments, some emotional moments and moments of independence. She growing slowly into a little lady under our supervision and I am just proud of who she has become thus far. 

Physical:  Weighing at 34 lbs, my little lady is starting to be that skinny girl that I was at three. I think it must be due to all of the running and playing around that she does because honey...sister girl can eat! She will eat even after eating even though the hubs and I try to curb that a bit. She get her love of food from her mommy for sure. The dimple that was so visible when she was a baby is less apparent now. Only when she is cheesing the biggest smile ever will it finally peek out. Still it's adorable when it does.

Her hair...oh my good Lord, her hair. As seen in the photo above it is a explosion of waves and curls that when wet goes past her behind. It is by for the most challenging part of her physically. It's like preparing for battle when it's time to come it for the day or night time. We have to take deep breaths and have to give out warnings when a tangle is appearing because they do frequent that beautiful mane of hers. On the bright side: with so much hair there is so much more to experiment different hair dos with.

Accomplishment wise, this girl can mostly do everything! She can ride a bicycle, she can walk backwards, kick a soccer ball, put on her clothes and shoes (though sometimes backwards) and she can give the biggest sweetest hugs imaginable. She can brush her teeth with our supervision and finally can spit out toothpaste! She is just so independent and just blows me away with the stuff she has learned how to do. She can be a daredevil on the playground; going for the tallest and biggest things possible. Let let her test her limits as long as I'm underneath her to catch her.

Words: Hmm...this section is iffy. Sofia knows how to speak words and a lot of them but she is still going through gibberish and I have taken her to a speech therapist at Monkey Mouths to see if she could be worked with. She scored high on her evaluation but the therapist Lindsey agreed that she could do well with therapy regardless because this fourth year will most likely be the one where she goes to Pre-K. I don't want Sofia going there and having a teacher struggle to understand what she's saying and vice versa. She knows that she wants to say something but sometimes I think her mind is going faster than her mouth. I'll keep updates on her words and therapy.

Mental and Personality: As always, Sofia is showing us just how intelligent she is. She knows her ABCs still and can count forward and backwards from one to ten. The bigger numbers are still so so but I hear her saying it from time to time. She is very curious, always asking questions in a repeating fashion so that that we have NO choice but to answer. Very determined this kid is. She doesn't want to fail at something so she keeps going and going till she gets it. She loves puzzles...usually doing them over and over again too. I love how her brain is constantly working.

Her personality can be summed in one sentence. Everybody loves Sofia. The reason is Sofia doesn't give them any reason not to. She loves to say hello to people as well as good bye. She says please and thank you ( the latter more than the former), and she's a hugger. Everybody loves her at church and just anywhere people see her they are always complimenting us on her. She thanks them before we do but it's just a humbling experience to know we have such a kid. I thank the Lord for giving her to me cause she is just a wonderful loving kid.

She's very in tune to emotions even at such a young age. She's always asking me and Juan if we are happy or sad or mad just in general. She can tell when somebody is sad and is the first with a hug and a usually a tissue.

I think the only thing that I would we have a problem with with Sofia's personality is that she still doesn't assert herself when she needs to. She lets big kids and little kids take her stuff and she just stands there helpless like she has given up. Tears me apart and I try to tell her that she can get her stuff back or to ask for it. But she still has a long way to go with that. Maybe day care or pre-k will get her on the right track, being around more kids.

Potty Training:
Potty training? What potty training? This girl is a full blown toilet professional! For both peeing and bm's. She does have her moments where she waits too long or she gets distracted and there is the very rare accident, but regardless I am so proud of her for using the potty when she needs to. The only thing I really need to help her with is with the light switch.

I think this third year has been wonderful but, I can't wait to see what this princesa has in store for us this year!

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