Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plans Ahead

Whew...I don't know about you all feel after your child's birthday parties but I'm pretty glad that this birthday stuff is officially over. I am just blessed that I have been able to be a mother for this little girl for four years. She is truly the light of my life but I think I've said that so many times in this blog for you guys not to doubt my words.

With her fourth birthday passed, I have to think about things in the future coming up. BIG things...BIG changes will be coming to pass. Here are just some of them.

1. My car finally being legal: I have to register my car for good so that I can drive whenever I need to and seeing as there will be yearly doctors appointments needing to be done for Sofia and myself, I need to be able to get us there. The hubs will be helping me financially this weekend for that to happen because I have some hefty fees to take care of before I'm in the all clear!

2. Pediatrician Visit for Sofia: Yep, it's that time again and she will be getting her next set of immunizations done too. I'm a bit nervous about that seeing as she was two when she got her last and while she's always been a trooper with shots in the past, she's beginning to understand and remember things a lot better. Shots probably won't be the best memories...just saying. But I need for her to be well and on date with her shots because...

3. PRE-K!!!! : That's right! It's the year for Sofia to be getting ready for a Pre-K program. I really feel like she is so far behind. She knows letters and numbers of course, but she doesn't know about uppercase...lowercase and the like. Her speech is still behind a bit too. I really want for her to be okay when it comes to school because I know how it feels to struggle. To fail. I don't want that to happen for her and I want to help her as much as I can. The thought of her going to school though also scares me a bit because there are so many problems in school now. Especially bullying. Sofia has a hard time standing up for herself as it is now...I just have to pray that she'll do what she can without too many hitches.

These things are so big for me and mine and I can't wait to see where it's taking us. What about you? What big things are happening in your life?

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