Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Fives

Look at those super long legs! Dancer maybe?

Happy Friday! I hope you are having a relaxing and joyful day! Me? I can say that it's joyful but I would be lying if I say it was relaxing. Soon we are going to explode into busy mode but first I want to let you know five things going on in our lives.

1. Tomorrow is going to be VERY busy! My mom and I will be participating in a church yard sale where we can finally put our stuff away that has been cluttering up the garage for years! I have so much of Sofia's clothes, it's not even funny! Whatever doesn't get sold in the sale will be taken to a consignment store or convention pronto! It's win win. I get some kind of money and the garage gets freed up. Today will be consisting of us picking out stuff to get sold in the sale. Hopefully things will go well and we won't get rained on; the forecast called for scattered showers.

2. Sofia will be having a birthday get-together at the in-laws. So right after the sale I'll probably will be getting ready for that. See...busy all day.

3. I have been driving so much since I have gotten my license and it's starting to get easier and easier. I'm not at highway status just yet, and I still do my turns pretty slow since I'm not used to the speed when going around, but I am not so tense when I drive anymore. Before I would literally be shaky after taking the keys out of the ignition but things are better! I use my mom's car and the truck mostly because I still need to register my car before I can really go places but so far so good.

Last year's photos...

4. I will be taking Sofia's birthday photos on the 23rd most likely at Trinity Park. My cousin Matthew will be joining us to blow bubbles while Sofia runs around. If I can pull this off...this should be a great shoot.

5. Speaking of photos...this year will be the year that I really start getting Something Snapped out there. Promoting it, giving out my cards that have just been gathering dust and possibly doing mini sessions for spring/summer. It's time for me to really start living my life and doing a job that I love doing!

So like I said...this life of ours is pretty busy! But you know...I wouldn't have it any other way!

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