Sunday, March 13, 2016

Photos and Family

It's Daylight Savings Time, everybody! This morning would have been much better to handle if I hadn't partied so hard last night. That's right. You heard me. This girl partied with people she hasn't seen in ages: her amazing family. Let me backtrack a little bit.

My older cousin Margo (one of my favorites btw) celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday with a party at her sister, Threesa's house. Margo had invited me personally and so I knew I had to be there. Juan unfortunately had to work so it was just me and the kidlet who decided to go. She didn't really understand what we were doing, just a party, but she was all for it regardless. Sofia and I went to Dad's house and hung out there since he and his girlfriend Zena were driving us there. During the three hour wait for our transportation, the kid napped and I decided to take photos.

Fun with Grand-dad!

Can you believe this is just right outside my Dad's patio? He gets to hear this little brook all the time!

Zena arrived and shortly after, we were on our way to the party. I might have been riding in the car, but that didn't stop me from snapping from my camera! Since the week before was full of storms we were treated to some beautiful clouds holding the just right amount of sunset light.

The Party: This might as well have been a family reunion! Everybody and anybody showed up to this party! I was so happy to see my cousins and my aunt and uncle. Even my Pap Paw showed up! Best believe I gave him a huge hug! I made sure to spend some time with the cousins I grew up with. I always joke around with them about how if any guy messed with me, that I could always threaten to tell my thirteen boy cousins. Thirteen might be a stretch but damn...I got a lot of them! More boys than girls, that's for sure!

My cousin Donovan who has always had a great bond with me growing up was there and I made sure to give him the biggest hug. We chat a lot less now since we have our own lives but I always have him deep in my heart.

Margo's kids, Taurean (Tonka), Drew and Dionte were of course there in support of their mother. Tonka also known as Mr. Reliable was there to joke around me and chat, Drewbie is the famous one of us being an actor. He's in the movie Carter High. Dionte and I lived together for a while at my dad's house so we have a pretty good bond too.

My cousin Rabbit (not his real name, promise) was also there with his family. I love him to pieces but wasn't too surprised to see him. We only live a couple of block away from each other.

Sofia had a good time too meeting her family members. She recognized my cousin Rabbit and his family and my Auntie Brenda, but everybody else was unknown territory. She clung to me for a little while but then made her way around the house giving off that princesa charm!

The party rocked and I have the photos to prove it!

Birthday girl in the middle: Margo!

Rabbit and his wife Erica

Threesa and Uncle Evans

My Pap Paw!

Auntie Brenda, Tangie, Brenda and Kris

Erica, Auntie Vernie and Rabbit

The Fam Bam

Proof that my child was indeed partying as well.

Proof I was there too!

Couldn't resist showing this one. They are all looking in different directions!

Erica and her beautiful smile

Rabbit, Erica and little Jaeda


The younger generation (Te and Tonka didn't get the memo to look at the camera)

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