Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Fives || Blessed Life Edition

Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill her promises to her - Luke 1:45

2016 is my year! I can already feel it and see it! There have been so many days, weeks, months and years that I have been let down or disappointed with. So many tears have been shed and sometimes I have been left just so depleted, physically or mentally. But you know what? I kept my faith in God and asked him for his support and his comfort. Through Him, I'm finally seeing some light in my life and I am forever grateful.

I can't wait to share on my Friday fives some things that have just made my day, my week, my month or my life! Things in my life are going so good and I'm so confident that they are only going to get better.

So here's what's going on:

1. I got my driver's license!- Yes, folks! The one thing that I have been going on about ever since I started this wonderful blog has finally happened. I am now a legal driver in the state of Texas starting from yesterday. I really believe that was truly by the grace of God. See, I had went on Tuesday and failed miserably in parallel parking so I had to reschedule for another attempt. This attempt wouldn't be until May! I was devastated at the time, but then I picked myself up and decided to just go out and get a learner's permit to practice until that time came.

When I went yesterday to get it, the lady at the counter was telling me that it would be unfortunate that I spent more money on a permit when I had two more attempts at the driver's test left. Then out of nowhere she says, "I have an appointment open right now if you want to attempt it." I was floored and even though my anxiety was attempting to try to get the best of me, I accepted. Long story short...I didn't get the parallel parking the right way, but then the instructor let me go all the way through and I passed!

101 in 1001 Goal # 2: Get my driver's license

I still have so much more practice ahead of me, like learning how to drive well on the freeway, but damn, this feel so good to be a legal driver!

2. The car is fixed!- My 1999 Ford Taurus is now drive-able. Still not legal as I need to still transfer the title and register it, but that will come as well. But the battery is new and the transmission leak is now repaired. This is so great. Combined with the new license, I can take Sofia to the park, the library and I can start going on my own to photo sessions. No need for rides.

3. Juan starts his full time position at the nursing home- This is a big one as well. He has been driving for a laboratory for a couple of years but it just wasn't paying what we needed for our house and our lives. So when he got this new job that paid higher, we were happy except for the fact that he was only doing part time until the other maintenance man left. Today is his last day for all of that. He start from 9 to 5 on Monday which means he'll be home earlier and will be able to spend more time with me and Sofia in the evenings. We're so excited for this!

4. I was able to get some new clothing for the spring- This isn't really a big one but come on! New clothes! I will show you what I'm going to wear for Easter in another post but I'll tell you what...I'm going to be cute! New shirts and new wedges are a good way to make me happy.

5. I got two new Sims 3 expansion packs- This also isn't a big one but this makes me pretty happy too. I got World Adventures and University Life. It's going to help with my Simblrs (sim based tumblr) and just some new fun in my gameplay.

101 in 1001 Goal #18. Buy Sims 3 University Life and World Adventures

Isn't God good? All the time? I believe so. Just shows me and you that you can't give up on things that you really want. Things might be dark and hard and it may seem like it's too much to handle, but keep your head up and keep going foward as much as you can and are able. It will pay off in the end.

I hope you all have a fun and blessed Friday. I know I will!



  1. Great picture of you! Congrats on getting your license! And yay for Juan's new schedule and your new clothes! 2016 is definitely turning out to be a great year for you! Hope you guys have a happy Easter!

  2. 1st of all congrats on getting those L's . I know your excited! and 2016 is definitely your year! and 3rd I love the sims i have sims 4


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