Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Easter Love for the Ortiz Ladies

March 27 is Easter. Can you believe that? Because I sure can't! I mean wasn't it just Christmas yesterday?! For the past years, we have celebrated Easter in two different ways here in the kingdom. When Sofia was one, we had our own little egg hunt in our backyard. For the second year, we had celebrated Easter at church. It was cold as heck but Sofia still managed to get some good sweets! So what's the plan for this years activities? Church is still on the top of the list followed by some family fun. I have been surfing around and have found some really nice things for my and my princess. Check these out and see if any strike your fancy!

For the little lady, Sofia...

*Dollie & Me Easter Dress and Leggings Set  *Sweetie Pie Beanie Baby (only in stores) *Spring Seasonal Candy *My First Read & Learn Bible Book * Pink Chenille Bunny Easter Basket * Plush Bunny Ears

For myself...

*Scoopneck Floral Sheath Dress  *Yonce Jewel Wedges  * Silver Cross necklace  * Sugar free candy basket

Aren't all of these just adorable and a half? Really makes me happy for this year's bunny day. Next time I'll show some items for El Rey and the castle as well. Until then hopefully, dreams of the Easter bunny will run rampant in my mind when I sleep!


  1. Cute dresses for both of you! Easter is sneaking up on us quickly this year. I'm looking forward to doing a morning egg hunt with Mila. Aren't they so much fun with the little ones? :)

  2. Oh these are adorable. I love love Easter. I think after christmas its my favorite holiday! Thanks for linking up to #ShareWithMe.


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