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Writer Wednesday || WIP IT UP Piece

WARNING: This post has adult content. If exotic romance isn't your thing then this post isn't for you, loves!

I really haven't been a part of this link up a lot of time but I hope I can rectify that with some of my upcoming chapters I've been writing. This one was a new journey for me as I decided to test my hand in a bit of bondage. It's not hardcore, in fact it's Aija's first time trying it but I hope that it's just as hot as my other chapters. Enjoy!

Laced fingers made contract against the sunlight drifting into the minimalistic living room that belonged to Hikaru. It was a lazy Saturday; seeing Takumi and Briseis off at the airport being the only thing the two found themselves doing in a productive matter. They had lunch at a nice cafe together and now found themselves playing a fun game of twenty questions while snacking on fruit. Hikaru had answered his last question and it was Aija turn. Hikaru thought hard for this last chance to find out more about the woman in his life. He used his fist as if holding a microphone and made his best show host voice.

“I got it! Aija…your final question is…what is your wildest fantasy?”

Aija paused in a bite of her strawberry, staring straight at Hikaru who wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Aija gave a chuckle and after biting her piece of fruit, sat up straight and regal as if she couldn’t be swayed by said eyebrows. Thinking back, in her lifetime there were many things that Aija wanted to do when it came to sex; food play, costumes or strip teasing but one lingered more than any of the others.


Hikaru, who had been taking a drink of wine, choked a bit at the one seemingly simple word. Surrounded in a sizzling haze, his mind tried to clarify and after clearing his throat, stared back at Aija who blinked wide innocent eyes. The doctor knew better. “You want to be tied up, Koibito?” He set his glass down and began to advance toward her slow.

Aija’s eyes widened even more seeing her hunter. “Wait! R..right now?”

He came closer in answer and she backed up a bit. “Hikaru! Baby, wait!” She exclaimed, holding her hands out, but he still came. Her back hit the couch, leaving her nowhere to go and Aija felt her heart pound in excitement. She didn’t know that this was a hands on kind of game but she was open to it. Hikaru finally crawled his way to Aija, opening up her legs so that he could move in between them. He then looked down at Aija with a bold hot gaze and she shyly looked back up, gripping onto his muscular arms.

“Do you trust me, Aija?”

Staring straight into Hikaru’s dark eyes, Aija already knew her answer. “Yes.”

“Good. I need your trust if you are wanting to experience your biggest fantasy.”

“I should have known that you’d be the one to share my fantasy with.” Aija caressed arms that filled each hand complete and Hikaru smirked, gripping the caressing hands in a firm grip.

“The thought should have never been doubted.” Sitting up, Hikaru reached down to remove Aija’s jeans, unbuttoning and then reaching behind to pull them along her long legs.

Aija lifted up her ass to assist her boyfriend, loving the way his smirk turned to a smile at the view of her black lace bikini underwear. Even if she didn’t make a habit to wear them before meeting him, if wearing them evoked a smile like that, she would have wanted to make it so just for him. She quickly removed her shirt; nipples quickly raising the matching lace material of her bra.  Hikaru’s eyes locked onto her breasts, soaking them in for the hundredth time. It never failed just how vulnerable and feminine she felt under the raw sexual prowess from the man in front of her. He always brought her to new heights with each orgasmic scream or moan that came from her mouth and she knew today would be no different.

If only that shirt would come off, however…

Sensing her thoughts somehow, Hikaru pulled his shirt over his head. Muscles flexed and moved fluidly and Aija’s mouth watered taking note of the way his abs and pectoral muscles moved as if one. She craved this man every waking moment even after all of this time together. There was no way she would tire of him. Not when they had been made one so many times before. No way…no how.

Hikaru pulled Aija up off of the wooden floor before throwing her over his shoulder like a caveman. Aija screamed and laughed trying to move her cascading hair out of her face to say, “Is this even necessary?! I can walk.”

Hikaru slapped Aija’s ass hard in answer and she shut her mouth immediately. “That’s better. I’m pretty sure you don’t want your ass red before we even get to the bedroom.”

“No.” Aija’s voice was softening even on the way to their destination and Hikaru knew that she would be submissive the minute he entered. Unable to find anything to grip onto, Aija settled for the firm cheeks of Hikaru’s ass, overjoyed when she heard his chuckle, but then gasping as he slapped her ass again. “Maybe you do want it red.”

“No, sir.”

Hikaru walked them both into the room, sitting Aija down onto the bed gentle like. He made quick work in removing the bra and panties covering her body, dropping them to the side. Aija started to get up, but stopped hearing Hikaru say, “No. Stay right there, Aija. I have something for you.” Aija stayed silent and seated as Hikaru walked into the walk in closet. When he returned, his smile was predatory, promising a good time to be had. Opening his hand to her, she noticed four long strips of black silk. Smiling, she knew what they were for and sudden excitement made her inner core ache with want.

“Listen carefully. I’m going to tie you up with these and once I do…I want you to stay quiet and still. Understand?”

The commanding and dominant aura that surrounded Hikaru nearly took Aija’s breath away. “Yes.” She croaked, throat dry as a desert instantly. Hikaru smiled; figuring the young woman out.

“I can tell that you have a submissive nature inside of you, Aija. But regardless…I’m not sure you’re ready for hardcore forms of bondage just yet.”

Aija’s eyes flew open; comprehending his words in no time at all. “Wait! You’ve actually done bondage before?”

“Of course. They didn’t call me a playboy for nothing back in Japan.”

Aija frowned. “That’s not funny.”

“Wasn’t meant to be.” Hikaru shrugged. “It’s just fact. I have quite some experience with sex.”

Aija opened her mouth to speak but not wanting to talk more about the current subject, Hikaru grabbed her hands in a soft yet firm grasp. Staring deep into Aija eyes as he did so, Hikaru began to wrap the silk around her wrists one at a time repeatedly until he felt they were tied in an adequate manner.

Aija swallowed hard, unable to hold down the increasing anxiety from this new experience. Her feet rubbed against one another to keep herself calm, but it wasn’t surprising to her that it wasn’t working.

Hikaru, who was about to wrap her ankles together, paused at the fidgeting feet. Regarding her, he kneeled down to her eye level and smiled. The action eased a bit of her nervousness.

“You lied…” Hikaru started in a gentle tone.


“You told me you trusted me. Are you afraid?”

Aija told the truth. Her wrapped hand came up to smooth her hair back. “Yes, a bit. I’ve never done this before so I don’t know what to expect.”  She bit her lip slight, watching Hikaru track the action with scrutinizing eyes.

“I told you I would take care of you, baby. This counts too, you know. I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

Not that she doubted he would, Aija still nodded her agreement.

Hikaru massaged one of Aija’s legs, prompting soft whimpers of pleasure. “Just to be sure…let’s use a safe word. How about stethescope? If you feel like things are getting too uncomfortable; more than you can bear then just say that word and all of this will end.

Aija took in a breath and smiled. “I think I can do that.” Hikaru reached for her feet and at his question look to wrap her ankles, replied, “Yes, I don’t mind.”

The answer seemed to spark something primal in Hikaru’s eyes. Putting a hand behind her head, he lowered her down to the bed, taking note of her back arching from the cold sheets. He then lifted up her right leg so that her ankle was parallel to her wrist. Aija watched as he began to wrap them both together in the black silk. It was a different feeling but nothing she didn’t like so she stayed still, turning her head as Hikaru moved to lift the other leg leaving them both spread open as he tied the other side just the same. Aija felt a pleasurable chill crawling up her spine at the sight of her legs in such a brazen position. The ties weren’t tight enough to hurt her legs and arms, but Aija couldn’t budge them either.

Pleased at his work, Hikaru stood back and grinned. Aija grinned back, until she saw the piece of silk left behind in his hand. It was different, bigger and she had no idea what it could be for.

Hikaru leaned forward and covered Aija’s eyes with the silk to blindfold her, shamelessly taking pleasure in the gasp she released. . Just the vision of his nude blindfolded and wide spread woman  in the middle of his bed, made Hikaru’s cock strain against his jeans. Resisting a growl of lust, and tugging to make sure none of the ties would come unloose Hikaru then asked, “Is this all right, Koibito?”

“Yes.” Aija answered, turning her head toward his voice.

After repeating on the other side, Hikaru brushed a kiss on Aija’s cheek. Her arms spread out on both sides of the bed. He walked to the middle of the room in front of his bed, unbuckling and unzipping his jeans. Aija’s head raised and she asked, “What are you doing?”

Cock springing up and down as he stepped out of his pants, Hikaru stared down. “I want you to stay still and quiet from this moment on.” His voice echoed in the soundless room.

Aija flinched, taking the words to heart, before she relaxed as much as she could on the bed. Her knees bent slight in anticipation and her tongue came out to lick her lips. Unknowingly, she unleashed the beast in front of her with that one movement of her tongue.

Hikaru climbed onto the bed, crawling over the vulnerable woman. Damn, but he couldn’t help his excitement—the vision in front of him being a dream of his own. One day the two might graduate to a more intense bondage session, but this…this was good enough in his opinion. His breath became harsh as he hovered his head right over Aija’s navel. She breathed just as harsh if not more and he could tell she was excited.

“Just listen to my words, Aija and feel me. All of me.”

“Yes, sir.” Aija managed, writhing under the warm breath her caramel skin.

“You are so beautiful.”

Hikaru shook his head in wonder at just the sight of Aija wearing nothing but black silk and the pearls she wore with her outfit. He had heard of bondage being lovely, but with Aija’s class was just making it ridiculous. He kept them waiting long enough, deciding to dust kisses along Aija’s stomach, holding her fleshy hips as he went on the passionate journey up her body.

Aija’s breath came in with an intense gasp. Usually this feeling of his lips would be a tickling sensation to her, but without the sense of sight to watch what Hikaru was doing, each tiny kiss felt ten times more intense, sending rushes of desire through her body. Hikaru’s lips trailed along the curve of her breast moving up until she could feel the warm harsh breath hovering over her nipple. Aija smirked, ready to feel the intense pleasure.

But there was nothing.

Aija wanted to lift her her blindfold up to see what had happed to her boyfriend, but there was no chance of that happening with her hands bound to the sides. Never had she felt so helpless.

“Stay still, Aija.”  Hikaru’s deep voice commanded.

The body underneath his froze and he chuckled, “Don’t you want me to lick your nipples?”

“Yes, sir.” Aija groaned and she arched her back as if trying to put said nipple into his mouth by herself. She then felt her hips being turned, her ass being exposed and then she cried out in slight surprise and pain at the smack on one of her mounds of flesh.

Itazurana onna, naughty woman. You don’t think I can suck your nipples on my own? Maybe you need another smack on your ass to remind you who has the upper hand here.”

“No, sir. I’m sorry. I just want you.” She panted.

Hikaru smirked at the submissive comment and turned her back over. He always appreciated Aija’s usual fierce and independent nature, but there were times that this side of Aija would come out. Small, submissive and eager for his commands over her body. This side; he had loved ever since he draped her over his desk that fateful night in March. The night after she put him so boldly in his place. This was the side he loved and the one he always looked forward to because it made her extremely sexy.

“I understand your feelings, Koibito. We will both be satisfied. That I guarantee.”

Before Aija could try to talk, Hikaru’s warm mouth latched over her nipple, wrenching a cry from her mouth. He nibbled it, sucked on it and he licked the tip of his tongue around her areola. Sweet, sinfully sweet pleasure went through her core. She could feel her pussy getting moist under his attentiveness to just that one spot.

A blindfold could do all this?

Make her feel this way?

There is still more to write on this chapter and it's only going to get steamier but I hope this did something for you passionate readers out there!


  1. Ohh!! That was a HOT snippet! It sounds like Hikaru knows exactly how to master Aija's body.

    Thanks for being a part of the WipItUp Wednesday blog hop! :-)


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