Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Taking Stock || What La Reina's Doing...

Making:  Polished mine and Sofia's nails today. Light and dark purple for moi and light and dark pink for La Princesa. Also I had the chance to be a part of a craft fair for our church but I decided against it. I'm not the best at art stuff.

Cooking: Once again, nothing. Don't even know what's for dinner tonight. I do want to make a West African Peanut Soup though in the future. It looks really tasty and has been on my mind often.

Drinking: Lately it has just been milk and water. Last week I drank unsweetened tea with lemon juice in it. Good stuff.

Reading: Right now I'm reading Ti Amo by Sienna Mynx. I have read it muliple times before but that just tells you how much I really love it.

Wanting: The two Assassin's Creed collection games from Gamestop or Amazon. Once I get those I won't have to worry about buying another Assassin's Creed game until we decide to get a Playstation 4

Looking: I have still been watching Heartland, and unashamedly MLP. Other than that, it's just what ever I seem to land on on Netflix

Playing: Lego Harry Potter 5-7...again. No shame in my game here, folks.

Wishing: That there was more things to do in my life. More places to explore.

Enjoying: This time in growing closer to my husband. There is always the fear that things are going to go back to the way they were but I'm trying to be positive this time around. Can't give up now!

Waiting: For the tax return money to finally get here. It always seems like it take months to come in when in reality it's only a couple of weeks.

Liking: I have been quite fond of these name definition shirts from Halo Collective. I'm thinking I want to get Sofia one for the Spring/Summer seasons.

Wondering: If if I will pass my driver's test on the first try or will I have to take it again.

Loving: The sound of La Princesa's voice when she sings. This morning we were watching My Little Pony and she sang the songs with me. I can't wait to see how she sings when she gets older.

Hoping: That I can pay to take care of my car with whatever I have in return money. That would just make my day!

Needing: Batteries for my blood sugar monitor. My A1C was good but I still would like to know that I can use it when I need to.

Smelling: Be Joyful body cream from Bath and Body Works. I put it on after my shower and I got to say, I smell pretty pleasant!

Wearing: A dark purple shirt, blue jeans and pink and white fuzzy socks! The socks make it all work.

Thinking: About changes in our lives especially regarding how distant our family is now.

Listening: I was listening to the novel inspiration playlist for Take Two and Call Me in The Morning on Spotify. It always gets me in the mood to write without fail.

Photographing: I've been taking some photos of the day and I got to tell you all, I really suck at this. I can never remember to take them EVERY hour like I see in so many other blogs. Maybe I need a alarm for each hour of the day to remind me. So sad...

Feeling: A bit sleep deprived and irritated. Sofia had an accident during the night in her bed. I don't fault her for it, but having to get up so early to clean up everything and then having her squeeze into our bed, didn't make a happy mama this morning.

Giggling: This past week has been filled with laughs with my mom as I use her computer in her room. It gives us some time to joke around with each other.

That's what I've been doing...what about you?!

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