Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Weekend with the Twins

Weekend. Week-end. The end of the week. There is no better way to call the best two days of the week is there? This past weekend was 50/50. 50 being fun and 50 being crappy. So lets start with the 50% of fun shall we? I spent Friday night with my husband eating pizza hut, drinking beer and watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was nice just relaxing with him and I'm sure after the few weeks we've been having, he's needed a beer or two.

On Saturday I spent the day with the twins and by the twins, I mean these two knuckleheads:

Excuse the angle...I was sitting and trying to hurry in the busy sidewalk
Just adorable these two. Look how she is just in love with her Papi. Reminds me so much of me and my own dad when I was her age. I loved to be anywhere around him. We started our day off at home, just cleaning up and letting Sofia chill while watching Dora. Our return money came in so we are able to breathe a little easier for a while.

Juan had made the suggestion to go to Yogurtland downtown; a place that we seem to frequent more often than not. This might just be the family spot for me, El Rey and La Princesa for years to come. I don't mind it because they have awesome tasting frozen yogurt and plenty of options for toppings. Fruits, nuts, candies, cookies...if you have one in your area, I recommend it with ten stars! So...GO!

Sofia and Juan got their favorites; strawberry and mango respectively and I had to do something different than my birthday cake one. Oh well...I'll always have next time right?  Before we went into the yogurt shop, I wanted to get some shots of my hubs and daughter dressed alike for the day. It's not something they do often, but ever so often I humor them both by dressing Sofia like her Papi. I would have worn the same thing as well, but I figure I'll wait until spring or summer for a family photo.

But for now...I'll just admire the twins from afar.

Sofia got some good photos in as well. But what do you expect from a somewhat photogenic princess?

After the tasty yogurt and sushi that I picked up across the street, we went to a nearby park to let Sofia play her heart out. El Rey and I got to chat about life and my upcoming novel and I got to swing a bit. I tell you what, when you loose enough weight to be able to swing on a swing set in the park, that's cause for celebration! I had so much fun feeling the wind in my face. It was a good way to release my tension and stress for a little while too cause mama has been feeling it lately!

Sofia was a little tornado going which way and that on the playground equipment. She still doesn't like going down big slides yet, but that doesn't stop her from trying to go up backwards. That silly goose. Juan and I lost count of how many times she bonked her head trying to go up that way. She'll learn one day or get a concussion trying.

I kid...maybe.

As if that wasn't enough in our day, we ended our Saturday by going to my Auntie Brenda's house to eat fried catfish, salad and fries like how my Nanny used to do on Fridays. I knew I didn't want to miss out on this because my auntie and I had talked about bringing it back last year. My uncles and my cousins were there and I was just so excited to see them that I was every where. Hence why I didn't take any photos! Sorry not sorry! Maybe next time, eh?

Now...that was the positive 50. The negative 50% was that the next morning I was sick as a dog. I think I ate something bad and it just went all over the place. My stomach was cramping and not in a good way, my body was feverish; sweaty and chills all over and headache. Even now on Wednesday, I'm not 100% but it's getting there. I should be fine by the end of the week, here's hoping and praying.

Does the negative outweigh the positive? Heck to the no! Look at this photo and tell me if the positive won. I'm pretty sure it did!


  1. aww such sweet pictures of those two!! Aria is a total mamas girl, so I just love anytime she shows her daddy some of that love. Sorry about being sick though. I swear everybody is sick right now. I was sick a couple weeks ago but I still can't shake the chest rattling. Over it. Time for spring!

  2. Great photos! Isn't the daddy-daughter bond so sweet to watch? I love it!


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