Thursday, January 7, 2016

Royal Holiday || Our New Years 2016

I know it's seven days after the holiday itself but I wanted to share how our New Years Eve went! Other than having a job interview at a temp agency that day, nothing really happened during the day. But in the evening after Juan got off of work, we first went to visit with our neighbors, Josh and Vanessa who were having a party at their own house. We couldn't stay; we had other plans but it was nice to wish them a good new  year.

We went to Alicia and Juan's house to wait for 2016 to make it's apperance. We ate tamales and lasagna for dinner and then played some games while getting drunk. I had a few drinks but not enough to be wasted. Sofia played with her cousins with their Christmas toys they got. Now I have to say...this...was not the most exciting new years eve. It was actually like two different parties in one.

We had the younger folks (myself, Juan, Chapo, Ruben, Bianca, Fatima and Maria) just playing Scattergories, listening to music and dancing while trying to have a good time and the older folks ( the in-laws, tios and tias) were in the living room just watching old Spanish movies and sleeping. UGH...if this our future as old people, I'm not ready for it!

So we've decided that we're going to have New Years Eve at our home this year. I mean cause when we put our minds to it, we can really come up with some parties.

At midnight I got to kiss my two loves, wish my sister Alisha a happy birthday and was able to take that awesome photo up there. We only stayed at the in-laws house for a little while because El Rey's dad was working that day. It was different not partying, but all in all it was a nice time. I hope your New Years were excellent like ours was.

New Years Eve Photobomb

Here's to 2016! May it be awesome for all of us!

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