Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Learn Something New || Washing Stuffed Animals

If you have children then maybe you're like me with thousands of stuffed animals all over your home. Okay, maybe not a thousand but dammit, it feels like it, right? Let's be honest though, how many of you wash those dingy stuffed lovies that your little one loves oh so much?

CONFESSION: I don't all the time but now that I have found out how to clean them the right away, there maybe a change in frequency because who knows whats all over those bears, kitties and bunnies that our children like to hold right to their faces?

I was always so worried that the bear being washed would be torn in the washer or dryer and so I held back. No worries though to those of you thinking the same. With these instructions, you'll have your teddies like Pooh here nice and clean before nini time!

1. Put stuffed animal in a pillowcase to protect it.

2. Wash it in the machine on a gentle cycle.

3. Use cold water

4. Clean with a mild detergent

5. Put it in the dryer and run it with a tennis ball.

I hope that this is something that will benefit you and your youngins in the long run. Let's keep these stuffed animals looking the best that they can!

1 comment:

  1. It feels like a thousand though! Lol I honestly never thought about washing them but after reading this, I am putting it on my to-do list!


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