Monday, January 11, 2016

Kingdom of Sickies!

Christmas- it's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Well, while Santa did bring the Ortiz Kingdom some good gifts, it also seemed that a tornado of sickness was also brought our way! To this day all of us (with the exception of El Rey) have been sick. I don't know what is going on! Bugs flying around in the air because everywhere I look, somebody is sick as well. I hope you are feeling okay, whoever is reading this cause damn...the struggle is seriously real here.

Here is the scoop on us:

Me: I was okay on Christmas but was starting to feel pains as if I was having a bladder infection. I went to the er and found out it wasn't but another infection so I got some medicine for that. I also have been fighting a combo of sinus headaches and congestion along with a high heartbeat that I got some medication for too. I'm slowly starting to feel better but still got a persistent cough.

Mom: My mom doesn't do too well with the changing of seasons or wishy washy weather as it always messes with her asthma. She's been really sick since Christmas as well, laying out in the bed, medicating herself often. Her nebulizer has been going non-stop so I know that it's been difficult for her to breathe. Now she's feeling somewhat better I believe... so...hopefully she'll get through this.

Sofia: The most sick of us is the littlest of us. Sofia actually had a bug at first right after Christmas, throwing up and just having a hard time. She was fine for a little while and then two sundays ago surprised us with a high fever. Her tiny body was doing some work to fight whatever was making her ill. This whole week she has been off and on with fever and finally we took her to the hospital when she starting getting that croupy cough. Turns out she has a little bit of bronchitis and an ear infection. She started her antibiotics last night and before bed, scared Mommy with a 103 fever. After getting the okay from the nurse, she got some Motrin and rested up. We are still in wait of her getting better.

Us at the ER. La Princesa doesn't look happy. Mommy's not either.

So as you can see, it's been a tough time here in the kingdom and that's why I have been a bit lax in writing after the new year. Here's hoping El Rey stays healthy...he's doing a good job so far! Please keep us in your thoughts and we'll be up and going in no time!

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  1. Sounds pretty rough!!!! Sickness is making it's rounds over here too and I swear something is in the air! I hope miss Sofia gets better soon!


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