Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bringing Things Up To Speed For January

Just a filler photo until I put my computer back up! Lovely though!

I know...I know. January has been a bit sparce lately in the way of posts but this first month of the year has had so many ups and down that it makes my head spin! The reason of the lack of posts is that I had decided to put my camera and my computer away in the closet  in a moment of depression, anger and confusion in my life. At that time, I really felt like all the time over the years I put into my photography business and my writing were all for nothing. That I wasn't going in the right direction or didn't have the right support. It was a decision that was hard on me but I must say has been been good to me as well. Because of this decision, I have spent more time with Sofia and have gotten some more cleaning done without the distraction of my computer. So while I miss my things, I don't think I'm in a hurry to get them back. Don't worry though, I'll be back to post like I usually do...sooner or later.

Now then! Time to share about the positive side of our lives! Because for every bad event that's been going on, a good thing follows behind it. I just hope this pattern keeps on and not the other way around.

1. The Sickies are Getting Better- I have to admit, it was pretty gloomy here in the Ortiz kingdom with everybody (with El Rey as an exception) sick as dogs. But we have been making improvements and are doing much better! Sofia is ripping and running around like beforeand just on occasion has a cough or two.

It sounds so much better than that barking cough she had a couple of weeks ago (poor baby) so this mama is relieved. Mom is still a bit sick; the nebulizer is still going daily so I hope that things get better there with her. On the bright side, she can go out and do errands. I'm also feeling better. My infection is gone and my congestion is minimal but I still have some ways to go in feeling 100%

2. Sofia's First Dentist Visit- As much as I would love to write a whole post about this in my own view, I wasn't there first hand to see it. La Princesa and I both had appointments around the same time and so El Rey had to go in my stead. But he told me that she did great! She didn't cry, she got right in the chair and was good and quiet as they did her teeth which they have also reported as great! No cavities, no decay and good shape. We were some proud parents for sure! The dark gums she has are pretty much a genetic thing. We will keep up the good work so that this little lady will have good teeth in the long run!

3. Health News- During my own appointment, I had some blood work taken for my A1C test. (For those that don't know, an A1C test determines your blood sugar for the past three months. When I was diagnosed as a diabetic, I was at a 6.7) The doctor was happy to report that my A1C was 5.8! Normal blood sugar in a non-diabetic is 5.6! I was so freaking floored. All of my hard work of working out with my dad and eating right has put me in the right direction! I have also lost 10 pounds since the last time I was weighed at the doctors office. (Current weight: 210) This lady right here is doing it right! (Insert applause and pat on the back) I do plan to keep working on this and try to lose more weight. I want to get to 186 at least before trying to do more. The only thing that was bad was the fact that my heart rate has been pretty high as of late, so my doc has put me on a heart monitor for the week (it comes off tomorrow). Hopefully we'll find out what is going on in my ticker and then maybe...just maybe the hubs and I can talk about baby #2 because I have been given the okay to TTC.

4. Juan's New Job- That's right! Juan has been hired at a new job as maintenance at a nursing facility. This job has better hours and pays 3 more dollars than where he was before! That is so wonderful and is so God. I thank him so much for watching after my husband and giving him what he needs. There are still some kinks though into when he starts working because he's waiting for the guy before him to leave. But I'm going to keep this in God's hands and have faith that he's going to make things work. Things might get easier for us in this kingdom!

5. Assassins' Creed Addiction- I'm a video game person and I'm definitely not ashamed to say so. I'm usually playing Final Fantasy or Lego Games but recently, I have found a new kind of game series that I have fallen in love with this month. Assassin's Creed. I started playing the first and now I'm hooked. Currently I'm playing the third in the series and it is the best one so far! Probably my favorite ever. But I'll look into getting new ones maybe when taxes come in. The series itself is pretty complicated so if you are interested, then look about the gist of it here

6. Juan's Birthday- It's that time again! Time for the king of our kingdom to celebrate another year of life. His 31st to be exact. I can't believe that he and I are both in our thirties. Stuns me. We are planning to have a small birthday party for him here and making him a cake. Won't be as big has his birthday party last year but we won't let him do without.

That's pretty much all that's been happening this month so far. We have so much more in this year to explore with so with all this in one month, I'm excited to see what the rest of them have to offer!
How is your January going?


  1. Breaks are necessary every once in a while. Glad you were able to spend more time with Sofia! Hope you're feeling better about things now!

    Yay for everyone feeling better, a good first dental visit for Sofia, and a great diabetes check up for you! And congrats to Juan on his new job!

    I don't play video games much, but Tim was playing the Assassin's Creed games several years back and I loved to watch him play. I was such an interesting one to watch!

  2. I just found your blog! And i am in love with your style. Thanks for sharing:) you have an amazing blog<3 Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. Thank you for coming in to our kingdom, Hilary and I'm glad you like it here. I wouldn't mind at all supporting each other's blogs! I have already followed you! I hope you come back soon!


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