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Writer's Wednesday || Take Two Faves (Summer/Autumn 21-25)

For this writer's wednesday I'll continue with showing my favorite chapter parts in my WIP. But seeing as I'm still in the Autumn chapters, I won't be posting these after this one until I get more done! But don't worry! These are pretty good reads! (If I do say so myself...) Once again I have to warn that this reading material is 18+ and probably not safe for work.

Bitzsoi's Favorite Parts of Take Two and Call Me in the Morning: Summer 21 & Autumn 22-25

Chapter 21

Hikaru froze seeing Aija walking down the same pathway he was, dressed only in a robe. Right away, his cock grew hard and all thought left his brain. Aija looked up and froze as well and nothing between them was said. Nothing was needed to be said anyway, all they both needed to know that they wanted each other was to look in each other’s needy eyes. They both started walking up to each other briskly until they collided in a heated embrace. Hikaru devoured Aija’s mouth, his hot hands blazing a trail over and over her robed body, not wanting to fuck her in the middle of the pathway, but wanting her now at this very moment. He picked her up, wrapping her slender legs around his waist before taking her into the side forest looking for a sturdy tree to put her up against.

“We’re-we’re not going to the villa?” Aija panted against his lips.

“No, Aija. We’re not.”

“Why not? Where are we going?”

Hikaru couldn’t help but groan in impatience at his lover’s questions and after setting her down on the ground near a tree, pulled her hair back to look at him, grumbling out. “Aija, I want to fuck you right here, right now and I’m gonna do it. Understand me?”

His voice was husky, deep and dominant, striking a fire in Aija’s core and she could barely get volume in her voice. “Yes, sir.” She surrendered.

“Excellent, Miss Edwards. Now, you leave everything to me.”

Chapter 22

Ryu sat at his desk, typing and didn’t seem to notice the young receptionist walking in. At the sound of the door closing he looked up at her. An uncomfortable silence spread through the room and Aija almost wanted to cough to end it. “You requested for me, Mizuno-sama?” 

“I did. Come in.”

Aija walked closer to the desk and started to have a seat but Ryu held up his hand saying, “That won’t be necessary, Miss Edwards. What I’m about to tell you won’t be long.”

Aija gave a couple of surprised blinks before standing back up. Ryu just stared at Aija, as if scanning her over and for a moment she could just barely see the sneer that raised his lip. Right now, he truly was disgusted by her. Aija tried to mask the uncomfortable feeling of his stare as she held on to her purse in front of her by putting up a brave front. 

“Just tell me why I’m in here and not working, please. Why is that woman there in my seat?”

“Because it isn’t your seat any longer. I am relieving you of your receptionist position.” Ryutaro said in a calm voice as if he was doing her a favor.

“Reliving me? Don’t you mean to say that you’re firing me?” Aija asked, gripping onto the leather of her purse. 

“Reliving…firing. Doesn’t make a difference does it?” 

“Oh it does. Don’t make it seem as if you are doing this for my benefit.” 

“I am. I’m making it easier for the both of you.” 

Aija frowned and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve tried to tell myself that you and him weren’t together. Weren’t intimate…but seeing you the other day said otherwise. My son doesn’t need to be with you, Miss Edwards. He has more things he needs to be focusing on in his life right now. It’s for the best if we just separate you as much as possible.”

Aija scoffed at the audacity of the man in front of her. How Hikaru turned into the man he did with a father like this was beyond her. “What things does he need to be focusing on?”

“His work. His family which we both know doesn’t consist of you.” 

“Family? Ha! What family are you talking about? The family that you think that you are a part of?” At Ryu’s scowl, Aija said, “Yeah, I know about your family problems. Hikaru doesn’t keep much from me.”

Ryutaro just stared at the newly incensed woman and his nonchalant attitude added wood to the fire. She knew that he was just being dirty. Her mouth turned up as much as his did earlier and she was about to lit onto him, but then she just smiled shaking her head. He wasn’t worth her energy and she was taught better. “You are just...just so despicable, Ryutaro and I'm glad you’re firing me...”

A finger was pointed at her slowly from the desk. “Don't disrespect me. You call me Mizuno-sama.” Aija scoffed and put her hands on the desk to face her ex-boss head to head. Ryutaro slowly stood up to do the same and the intensity charged the room’s atmosphere.

“No, I don't think so. You're not my master. You're not my boss as of this moment on! I'll call you whatever I wish to now.” Aija spat, making sure Ryutaro got the full view of who the real Aija could be if challenged. She wasn’t going to back down when it came to who she loved and Hikaru was that person.

Ryutaro, after staring Aija down, raised up his hand and waved her away saying, “Turn in your badge on the way out.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!”

“Close my door as well.”

Aija turned while putting her purse on her shoulder and after getting to the door she gave her final blow. “You know...for the record, you don't deserve your son. He's a bigger and better man than you will ever be. Have a good rest of your day.”

Ryu started say more, but the door firmly shut out his words.

Chapter 23

At the soft knock on his office door, Hikaru looked up to see the young girl with her purse. Hikaru was ok with Karly; she was learning as she went, but she was nothing like Aija and he was sure he wasn’t the only one who felt the same.

“I just wanted to let you know that everything is ready for Monday, Dr. Mizuno.” Karly told him with a soft smile before bowing her head a bit and turning.

“Have a good weekend.” Hikaru muttered, turning a page in a chart.

Karly paused in her step, hesitating and then turning around to face Hikaru. “Actually…” At his questionable gaze, she walked into the office saying, “I have noticed some things and I have a feeling that I’m not to going to match up to the receptionist before me.”

Hikaru put down his pen before lowering his chin to his hands in thought. “You’re doing a good job.”

“But not as good as Aija.”

He didn’t lie. “Aija was one of a kind, yes. But not just as a receptionist…she was a friend to everybody here.”

Karly nodded in understanding before asking, “If you don’t mind me asking…why was she let go?”

Hikaru regarded the woman. A few months ago he would have told her she was overstepping her bounds. But he didn’t have a problem for some reason. “Because she fell in love and had a relationship with me.”

Karly blinked in surprise. Hikaru chuckled. “It’s frowned upon of course and we both knew what would happen, but the truth always comes out.”

“Do you love her?”

Hikaru raised an eyebrow.

“Aija. Do you love her?”

Hikaru could honestly only give one answer. “With my entire being.”

Karly gave a soft smile and replied, “Then not all is lost. Have a good night, Doctor.” Hikaru returned the smile and Karly made her departure. She seemed like a nice addition to the office, after all.

Chapter 24

Aija’s mother gasped then screamed out as she was backhanded hard. Aija herself gasped out as her mother flew back into the wall before slumping to the floor in pain. She wasn’t even able to get back up before hard kicks were landed to her sides from both men. Aija who had been frozen with fear at first; tears all in her eyes heard her mother’s screams of “No, please!” and lept into action running to her mother’s aid. She grabbed on to the closest leg she could, pulling at the pants and screaming out. “No! Leave my mama alone!” She didn’t know what difference she would make, but she had to try for the sake of her mother.

Sean fell backwards a bit; thrown off balance by the tiny girl. Growling out he turned around and smacked Aija off of him with little effort. Aija cried out at the stinging pain, holding her cheek as she sobbed. “You better stay your ass over there, girl!” I don’t mind giving you more!” Sean yelled out pointing at her. Aija remained frozen, still clutching her cheek. “No, please! Don’t hurt my baby!” She heard. Her eyes went back over to her mother watching as Rodney pulled her up only to slap her back down again. “Don’t you be telling us what to do, bitch! You worry about this beatin.” Crying….that’s all she could register. Crying and pain.

Chapter 25

Aija looked around her bathroom, gathering her thoughts. Things were okay now, right? It was ok to tell him. “All my life I’ve struggled, Hikaru.”

“How so?”

“Well my childhood was rough. My mother was a druggie you know? With that…there wasn’t any money left over for lights, water, good clothes, good food. We always always struggled to survive.”

“I see…”

Hikaru hugged his woman to his body even tighter and he swallowed hard. “W-what…ahem…what about your dad? Surely things got better then right?”

Aija nodded. “Sure. But they weren’t perfect, and Daddy knows that.”

At the cock of Hikaru’s head to explain, she replied. “I don’t have a step-mother. Daddy was just too busy in life to even think about having a wife. Me being there myself was pretty much a miracle. So I was pretty much on my own then too, while he worked.”

Hikaru frowned. “He was neglecting you too?”

“No. But the way of life I grew up with stuck with me. Even when I would be watched by aunts and uncles, I’d still be to myself.”

As she kept talking, Hikaru reached over to grab some body wash and a loofah, before lathering it up to wash along her body. “That feeling hasn’t left me, Hikaru. I still sometimes feel the need to take care of myself before letting anybody else do so and that’s why things are the way they are. I didn’t want the help but I was too depressed to take care of myself.”

A caressing stroke of the loofah over her stomach made her sigh out. “I did this…I didn’t take care of myself. My bills are piling and my rent has been overdue.”

Hikaru’s hand paused. “What? What hell do you mean? Are you going to be kicked out of the condo?”

Aija winced, not wanting to think of that. “I don’t know.”

Hikaru rinsed off her body while saying in a deep direct voice. “I’ll take care of this.”

“Baby…you don’t have to-”

“Aija.” Hikaru made her pause with the barking sound of her name. “I said I’ll take care of this and that’s final.” Aija bit her lip, not wanting make him more upset and Hikaru sighed this time, turning her around to face him in the round tub. Surprisingly to her, his eyes were soft and so was his smile.

“I love you, Aija. I told you that, didn’t I?” At her nod, he continued. “Don’t you think I want to take care of the one I love? I kept my distance because I respected your wishes…” At the opening of Aija’s mouth to speak he held up a finger. “If I had known you would do this, however, onna…I wouldn’t have let you out of my sight. You mean that much to me.”

Tears welled up in Aija’s eyes and she knew he meant every word. She had no idea how worried he had been about her and her selfish depression kept her from figuring that out. When she told Hikaru that, he chuckled.

“Being depressed isn’t being selfish, Aija. It’s being human. We can take care of this…together. You just need to let me help you.”

Aija nodded, her wet hair trailing along the surface of the bath water. Hikaru suddenly brought her flush against his body and she for a minute wondered if she was going to be punished. She stared into the dark depths of his eyes ready to take whatever he was going to do to her.

“Are you going to relent?” He asked, his breath warm and harsh against her parted lips. Aija’s answer was quick.


Hearing that, Hikaru still wasn’t satisfied. He brought her onto his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Are you going to let me take care of you?”

Aija nodded against his forehead, heat surrounding her from more than just the bathtub. Her nipples hardened against his chest as his deep voice was like a spell inside her mind.

“You won’t have to worry about another bill again, understand? I’ll take care of you, in all aspects.” Hikaru declared, before situating his cock below her and entering her body in one smooth thrust.

Before Aija could cry out in pleasure, Hikaru engulfed her mouth with his, taking in any noise made. He gripped onto her body and she gripped his as they made love in the fragrant water. She broke the kiss, letting her head fall back slow while feeling each smooth thrust inside of her pussy. Her nails dug a trail along Hikaru’s back and he groaned in pleasure, kissing along her neck.

With each thrust, each kiss, Aija could feel more of her wall falling. The wall she has spent years and years of her whole life building. Was it really okay? Was it really all right to let this man take her burdens completely and take care of her? The only way to know was to let him.

She surrendered to him, surrendered to herself and surrendered her past. It would never leave…but at least with Hikaru by her side, she wouldn’t have to worry about where it would take her in her future.

As the two came to completion, she let go finally with four words.

“I love you, Hikaru…” 


  1. Whew! That last chapter was HOT!
    Welcome to Wipitup, I really like where this story is going and hope you'll be back to share more of it as you bring it to completion. ☺

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for stopping by! I hope to share more with you!

  2. Hi! Welcome to WipItUp Wednesday!!

    I love your snippet for today. It was so juicy and I want to get to know these characters better!!

    Thanks for posting! :-)

    1. Let's face it...when it comes to stories like these, we love juicy all the way! Thank you so much for reading and I would love nothing more but for you to know Aija and Hikaru better!


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