Tuesday, December 15, 2015

To-Know-Me Tuesday Linky Party | Dear Santa...

I hope that your Christmas shopping is going well. It's probably going better than ours because I haven't even be able to shop yet. Maybe next week I can start wrapping some presents to put under our tree. I really want everybody to be happy this year. Don't get me wrong, we've had some pretty happy Christmases these past few years but still...more happiness isn't a bad thing. I get so into wanting to get people stuff that I seem to forget the things that I want Santa to bring for myself.

So for this To-Know-Me Tuesday I'm going to remember and list them so that St Nick can check it twice. I would love for you to join along with me and Sonya!

La Reina's Christmas List

Novel Dot Rainboots

1. Rainboots- Preferably cute ones with an colorful pattern!

2. Sugar free gummy worms or jelly beans- If I could have these I would never crave the really sugary ones that wreck havoc on my blood sugar.

3. A long coat: My mother has these beautiful glamorous coats that she just wears whenever. I think I could rock one too!

4. A new camera lens: I would love to have one that can zoom in really really close

Get your card here!

5. A Barnes and Noble gift card: For the bookworm in me. I would love to be lucky and get one for more than 25 dollars but hey, I'm not picky if not.

Get your card here!

6. Ulta Gift Card: I don't have a lot of makeup and I don't plan to have a lot but it would be nice to get a card like this to be able to just get some skin care stuff or beauty items.

Get your card here!

7. Bath and Body Works Gift Card: Can you tell that I can benefit from some gift cards, ya'll? I'm sure majority of you agree that Bath and Body Works has some really great stuff and while I have a few signature lotions, bath scrubs and socks could work too!

8. A Spa Package: Massage, manicure, facial. That is definitely wanted for these sore muscles I've been having. If you can give it, Santa, I'll take it!

7 Year Pens

9. Long lasting pens: Like years long pens! That would be a dream for this writer!

10. A new IPhone: I really could use one that's not all busted up!

Thanks Santa! Can't wait to see what you bring me!

Now it's your turn!
Check out Sonya's 10 facts about herself here!

The Rules are Simple

1. Post 10 things about you or yours (favorites, themed etc.)
2. Comment on somebody else's To Know Me post- How else can  you get to know people if you don't check them out?
3. Please feel free to place a button so that others can party!
4. Have fun sharing!

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  1. I would love a lot of those things too. I've been wanting a pair of rainboots for a really long time, but I'm too cheap to buy myself a pair :)


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