Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Days || LiveJournal Memories #3

Written on August 9, 2009- Sorry about the low quality photos; my phone was a piece of crap then.

Yesterday was a wreck turned into a blessing. For about three weeks, my family has been planning for this 70s party that my grandmother had been planning with her woman's group she's in and seeing as we are always performing for our talent show, she recruited us for entertainment. 

 My mom, aunt and cousins were the Jackson 5 dancing to Dancing Machine and I decided to do 2 dance routines with my cousins to "Boogie Shoes" and "Shake your Groove Thing." We rehearsed constantly-lots of transportation going back and forth with my cousins and sometimes they couldn't even come so we would be set back. 

 So finally we get to the day of the party and turns group (The Crew of Funkadelics) has no music! None! So I'm freaking out because I had put so much time into making these dances and I'm near tears I'm telling you! Then my cousin Matthew who was part of my dance group says to me "Hey I have my Ipod and an aux cable with the songs most likely on there." 

 OMG...I nearly tackled Matthew with happiness. What a blessing he was truly. 

So we had our music as was set to go. I performed Boogie Shoes with my cousin Ehren who's dancer name is Yen Yang. It was cute. We had a 70's fashion show. With old people *shudder* Next were the Jackson 5 who were fantastical! Then our next dance didn't come til the last few moments of the party (which sucked assballs-new word) and we had people not even paying attention which through off our dance completely. We looked like shit. But don't tell anybody else that :P 

 We danced, sang and just had all in all fun! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

The Crew of Funkadelics (My dance group) From left to right - Ehren "Yen Yang" with the mohawk - Courtney "Daisi" - Kalyn "Sunshine" in the back with the fro - Me "Tai Dai" - Matthew "Discoball" My cousin Eric is in the group too (nn-Funky Punk) but he wasn't in this one.

The Jackson 5 (family style) from left to right - Kim (Jermaine) my aunt - Cynthia (Marlon) my mom's friend - Tracy (Michael) my mother :) - Courtney (the groupie) my cousin - Kalyn (Jackie) my cousin - Lori (Tito) my cousin and Courtney and Matt's mom

 We're so creative huh? Here's more of the Crew of Funkadelics! 

Boogie Shoes- KC and the Sunshine Band

I was the sexy lady with the groovy shoes and Ehren was the shoe shiner. Hehe!

Shake Your Groove Thing- Peaches and Herb

So that's it...pretty much in a nutshell!

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