Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Second Wedding of 2015 || Ryan and Jodi

 So many things have happened so far in  this year of 2015 and it's so amazing to me that I have gotten to be a witness of not one, but TWO weddings that have been celebrated during it! The first was Ruben and Bianca's - full of dancing, loud music, love and family fun but this time around one of my younger cousins has been made into a groom!  Ryan and Jodi said their vows on November 28 in front of their family and friends. 

This is also the second wedding that Sofia has been a flower girl in. Lucky girl! It was a dream of mine as a child to be a flower girl in a wedding so you can imagine my pride seeing my own little princess getting to be a part in her own way.  Eric and Kalyn were also a part of the wedding party as groomsman and bridesmaid for support of their older brother. Jodi was so excited to become a Mrs. to Ryan and Ryan cried happy tears when he saw Jodi come down the aisle. Seeing their happiness makes me feel so lucky that I have my husband by my side.

I can't wait to show you how their wedding went through photos I was able to take (Nope...I wasn't the photographer, of course). A huge congrats goes out to these two lovebirds and I wish nothing but the best for their lives as newlyweds!

Instagram photo of Sofia before the wedding

Ryan bringing Carla down to her seat, followed by his dad, Wayne

Jodi's mom trying not to cry happy tears

Kalyn doing her bridemaid duties. I do have a blurry picture of Eric but it's not good. He was there though!

There she is! My little flower girl princess...

She did such a great job!

Mom and Kim

Grandmother and Audia

Aunt Janet and Uncle Johnny

Very fuzzy photo of me and my family that my great aunt took
Dat kiss tho...
Oh, hai! Just me!

My king and my princess

The First Dance

Don't worry babe, we got many years to go before your father daughter wedding dance

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