Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

Toys in every store? You better believe it but here in the Ortiz Kingdom, it's just full of Christmas cheer and decoration. We had a slow start after Thanksgiving to get our tree up because we wanted to get a new one. The tree we had before was getting pretty ratty looking and it just wasn't up to par for our current Christmas mood.

My mom bought one from Wal-Mart for like 89.00; a tree that has lights already on it. Praise the Lord on that one cause unraveling holiday lights is like a nightmare. You better have a movie ready while you are doing it! After we took the time to painstakingly make sure the tree was on right, we turned it on and let it hear our oohs and ahs at it's beauty. Even Sofia was in awe.

Ornament time! Majority of our ornaments such as the snowman above are handmade, passed down from years and years and so each one is very special to me and my family on my mom's side. Sofia  was helping us, but she mostly got distracted by the Mickey Mouse Christmas movie I put on for her. #Lessonlearned. No distractions next time around.

Last year, I was in such a depressive state that I barely even wanted to get involved with anything that had to do with Christmas. So I was happy to take part of this all, even if it meant snapping photos majority of the time. I love seeing our memories being made and I hope that Sofia will remember this one moment for years and years to come; the feeling of bringing out tradition in our ornament box and putting her favorite ornaments wherever she wishes.

Sofia being adorable while putting the star on backwards

Present usual, I'm not sure where we stand when it comes to money. But I hope that whatever comes out of this Christmas holiday that we are happy and full of family and friends. Because really...that's what matters, right?

The finished result

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