Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Fun and Christmas 2015

Let me start this holiday post off by saying that this Christmas....wasn't the best for me. But it was wonderful for Sofia and that's all that matters.  I won't go into the details for myself, but I don't mind showing you what our holiday was like!

Before Christmas

A few weeks before Christmas, Sofia was invited to her very first Christmas party at the Ortiz family next door. She was dressed in her pajamas and was ready to par-tay! As ready as a three year old could be of course. She ate some tasty snacks like nachos, brownies, green Grinch punch and popcorn and played some good games and then got an ornament during a gift swap. We both had a great time.

Why yes, that is my kid looking like Tarzan's cousin

Later that week, we also painted a gingerbread house decoration for our house. Sofia hasn't really had much experience in paints so this was great for her! I finally got some shopping done for some gifts under our tree too. I'm that kind of person where I really like to give for Christmas when it comes to my family.

Our church was on point this holiday season and had many different Christmas programs every weekend. Sofia was a part of Jingle Jam as a little sheep. Too bad she had to stand in the dark hallway for a moment before making her debut because she cried the whole time on stage. Pobrecita...

It kind of looks like she's singing tearfully though, right?

Christmas Eve

We went to church for a Christmas Eve service that included a live nativity scene. It was so wonderful seeing the sheep and camels and donkeys that came along. Juan wasn't able to join us because he was working, but he was in my heart for sure.

Sofia hanging with the sheep before service.

The nativity scene
After the candlelight service, Mom, Sofia and I returned home so that we could rest and that La Princesa could nap before all the festivities could make her a grinch's cousin. We headed to my aunt's house to eat, open presents and to play games. I got a Kohl's card from my grandmother and a candle from my aunt. Sofia got a Doc McStuffins headphone set, puzzles and Frozen boots and Juan got a jacket from my grandmother.

El Rey's parents went to Mexico this year for Christmas and as such we didn't go to their house to celebrate. Typically we would open presents there at midnight, so it was different not being able to. We decided however to go ahead and open our presents so that it felt like it would at Juan's parents.
It was so nice. We put on some Christmas music and just had fun opening the gifts we gave each other.

My babe's very happy expression as he opened his Black Ops III game (I know him so well)

Sofia loved her Paw Patrol toys! She is an uber fan!

Mom loved her gifts (a dress, a blouse and a necklace)

I loved my new houseshoes for my cold piggies.

Christmas Day

I woke up at five in the morning and I have no idea why. Christmas jitters? Not likely. But my mom was up too so I wasn't alone. The plan was that we were going to give Sofia her last big Christmas gift for her to open on Christmas morning so that it felt like something was going on today too. We woke up the princesa and told her "Santa came back and left you something else under the tree." She was so surprised to see her new bicycle (that she had been talking about every time we went to Walmart) and promptly began riding it all through the house. Normally I wouldn't want her riding inside but hey... It's Christmas! She gets a pass!

Still waking up...

Finally getting it. She got a bike!

Hey, kid! It's more fun to ride outside!


In love...

Carefully watching her cross the street 

She didn't ride on it long because we had to get ready for breakfast with the brother in laws and their families. It was great spending time with them because we don't get to often outside of the family home. Sofia got some great gifts from the abuelos and so did we, I guess.

Daisy and Doodle

Breakfast time with la familia
I'm happy that my little one had a great Christmas and got majority of what she loved. It is better to give than receive but damn...my little one received so much! She is so loved by so many and that makes this mommy's heart soar.


  1. Omg, I LOVE her hair!!! Reminds me of mine when I was a kid even though I hated it growing up! She looks like she was ready to party! The pics of her riding her bike are too precious!

  2. Sofia is just adorable. LOVE the pics of her riding her bike - she looks so happy! I'm sorry to hear that Christmas wasn't the best for you - hope everything is okay!


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