Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taking Stock of Life

As of now, I'm...

Making :  A bullet journal. I stumbled onto the idea of these while surfing around Pinterest. I have been trying to find something that is going to help me along the lines of doing stuff day to day because I've been slightly unfocused as of late. My mom agreed to do one with me as a project for each other so hopefully this won't be one that's unfinished.

Cooking: I haven't been cooking anything lately since my mom is here during the day. We have agreed that if I straighten up the kitchen, she'll do the cooking and she's been doing a great job at keeping us full.

Drinking: Water with lime juice in it. It's the only way I will just volunteer to drink water. Takes away the blah of my tap water anytime. Though even if it was spring bottled water, I'd still hesitate on drinking it.

Reading: Healing of Damaged Emotions. It's a book I got from my bible class on Wednesday and supposedly it's to help me get all of my hurt emotions from my past out. Here's hoping. Cuz Mama's got a lot of anger...

Wanting: So many things but what I'm wanting the most right now is a sectional couch for our living room. It's so about time to get rid of the other; as fond as I am of those recliners. I'm also wanting to have a new bed and mattress. Something along the lines of what I slept in at the hotel. If I can get one of those...I'd be out like a light every single night.

Looking: Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. I admit. I have been watching this non-stop today and this past week. I've always loved that show. It really makes me think about who I would bring to dress shopping if I was getting a vow renewal. Probably my mom, my aunt Kim, my cousin Audia, and my sister in laws.

Playing: Lego Jurassic World. Yeah, I know I got it for my birthday, but I never finished it completely and now I'm trying to get to 100% on it.  Nearly there and I'm hoping I finish tomorrow.

Wasting: Time during the day. I mean...come on! Things are going so slow in my life right now. No job, no car (the transmission fluid has leaked out), no money. Blegh. I need things to change and fast.

Wishing: I'm so wishing for a break. Either in my photography or in getting my license. The  year is almost over and I so want to be driving before then.

Enjoying: Watching my mother be the background singer for Uptown Funk as she cooks dinner. She is where I get my hambone qualities from. Trust.

Waiting: For a new job. Or my license. I know, I sound like a broken record, but the struggle is real, ya'll.

Liking: A new drink called Pact by Ocean Spray. It's just what I need when I need some thing sweet and juicy. But it's a water drink that has stevia in it. Great for my diabetic self!

Wondering: If we are going to have enough money to go to Disney World in June. My family is wanting to go and if I go, I really want to be able to have a good time there.  Possibly stay in a good resort. Much planning is needed.

Loving: The fact that my husband spent money he could have used for something else to get us a room for our anniversary. The good feelings from that are still here.

Hoping: That Juan will want to join us in our vacay to Disney World. He's debating on going because of certain reasons and I'm not going to pressure him to go but I as his wife want him to come and have some fun for a change.

Needing: Some new clothes for working. Everytime I buy some, thinking I'm going to get some work, it turns out to be un-needed.

Smelling: Dinner. We had shrimp alfredo.

Wearing: White blouse and blue jeans.

Thinking: About possibly looking into getting disability for my Aspergers. Hesitant but my parents seem to lean toward it.

Feeling: Somewhat tired, but not as much as I was yesterday. I went to sleep way earlier than usual. 

Giggling: At the conversation that my mom had with Sofia while she was cooking.

Sofia points for Mom to give her some shrimp.
Mom: I can't give you these! They're frozen!
Sofia (in a bribing tone): Come on...

I truly can't with her.

And that's what I'm doing.

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